The Lanzadera network will be able to use the AI ​​of GUS Chat

With Lanzadera, the initiative promoted by Juan Roig, more than 1,000 startups have managed to develop their business project in recent years, among them, GUS. Now, both companies have closed an alliance that makes available to the entire network of accelerator companies, GUS artificial intelligence tools (Flux and Gus Desk) to improve your relationship and customer service.

In this sense, with the certification of Selected Business Solution Providers from Meta PlatformsGUS manages to help companies open and verify their WhatsApp Business Platform accounts, automate communication, enhance the customer journey, design custom conversational experiences, and activate the app as the main sales channel.

And it is that the interaction with customers today through this channel is much more effective since it generates a 98% reading rate of messages, 10 times more than an email, and it is 5 times cheaper than a call center call.

Today, the vast majority of users prefer to be contacted through a text message, rather than receive phone calls or emails; they seek to have real conversations with companies. Through this alliance, we hope to be able to strengthen the operation of entrepreneurs and startups that are part of the Lanzadera network”Explain Jaime Navarro, CEO of GUS.

In conclusion, the alliance between Lanzadera and GUS offers entrepreneurs and startups in this network a great opportunity to enhance their messaging channels. using artificial intelligence. With the use of the GUS SaaS platform and the integration of WhatsApp Business Platform, companies will be able to automate their customer service, send promotions and corporate information, qualify and generate leads, increase sales and design fully personalized conversational experiences.

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