The laptop you are looking for to always carry with you, drops its price

Those who tend to opt for a laptop when buying a new PC may be looking for a device to always carry comfortably. Obviously it must also be powerful enough to meet all our needs and last us many years. To achieve this goal we usually compare various models from various manufacturers and look for the best price.

Well, now we want to help you by offering all of this in a single discounted device right now thanks to the giant Amazon. We are referring to a laptop that is characterized by its slim design and low weight. But not only that, since it also offers us a state-of-the-art processor and an ultra-fast hard drive so that we don’t have problems when working with all kinds of programs.

All this would come to us from the renowned manufacturer Lenovo and we would have the possibility of receiving it in a few hours comfortably at home. It is important to know that at this moment we are referring to the model Lenovo Yoga Slim 7 Pro. The first thing we should know is that the entire set is based on a processor Intel i5-1240P. It is accompanied by a total of 8 gigabytes of RAM.

What does this laptop offer to meet your needs?

One of the secrets of this particular model to become perfect for daily transport thanks to its autonomy, is the your screen size. We tell you this because it puts at our disposal a 14-inch panel, slightly smaller than usual. With this, it is possible to reduce its weight and that we hardly notice the difference with the rest of the models.

lenovo laptop

Another of its strong points is the storage system that this Lenovo laptop offers us by default. Specifically, we will have a high-speed disk in SSD format with a capacity of 512 gigs. In addition, once we receive this computer at home, we can start working with it from the first moment. One of the reasons for all this is that it comes to us with Windows 11 in its Home edition, pre-installed.

For all that has been said here we will find a perfect team to work anywhere and always carry it with us in the most comfortable way thanks to its meager 1.3 kg. Finally, we will tell you that thanks to the 28% discount it has now same on Amazon, we can get this equipment for 721 euros right now.

Also, there are many who find it very inconvenient to work with the touchpad of these laptops, and they prefer to connect an additional mouse. Thus, we can also take advantage of the 40% discount of this logitech mouse.

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