The largest chip ever created, would it be used to mine Bitcoin?

After this article, whether it is true or false what we are going to comment on it (there is more than controversy here) what is clear is that Bitcoin is going to suffer a serious blow as it ends up in the pocket of fewer and fewer users , because what NuMiner (NM440) has presented is a before and after in mining. The reasons are really incredible, because it is an accusation after being denied, and it is speculated that the 440TH/s that the new ASIC gets could be due to CS-2 Brains.

Why is there so much controversy in the presentation of a product as revolutionary as this new ASIC from NUMINER? Well, because many things are being talked about plagiarism, forgery and other related issues with statements from one of the parties involved and of course, if the specifications are true, it is a product that is going to take the market by storm. Therefore, there is a lot of money at stake and much to confirm and deny.

NuMiner NM440, reality or fake?


And it is in these terms that we must speak, because what NuMiner has shown with its NM440 is a carbon copy of the Cerebras CS-2 design and of course, when asked there is silence. The press release was quickly changed to no longer show the ASIC itself, but the data was left behind. To get a rough idea of ​​what NuMiner wants to sell, here is some data:

  • 440TH/s.
  • 20.2J/J.
  • 8 times faster than the average ASIC to mine.
  • 4 times faster than the TOP ASICs.
  • 3 times faster than the latest ASIC introduced that hasn’t hit the market yet.

All with a reduction in energy of approximately 75%. That is, they are figures that extrapolating to a GPU would be three steps ahead of the competition, be it Intel, NVIDIA or AMD, a full-fledged revolution.

The Cerebras CS-2 Problem


These data are overwhelming, but they contain a controversy and it is nothing more than having copied the system from beginning to end. CS-2 Brains. This system contains the largest chip ever created by man with no less than 850,000 cores and supposedly it would be destined to mine Bitcoin as it claims with its NuMiner image with its NM440.

Everything revolves around a very specific detail, and that is that Cerebras assures in some statements that its CS-2 is not intended for mining and is very blunt about it:

“We are aware of a new crypto mining company using a misappropriated and altered image of the Cerebras CS-2 product for their own commercial purposes. This image misrepresents our CS-2 as its own product, as you can see in Cerebras the logo is still visible at the bottom of the image. We are not working or affiliated with this company. We are taking steps to address the situation.”

If we look closely at the NM440 we will see that on its front, in the lower part, the Cerebras logo is still maintained and seeing that the prototype they have shown looks like a CS-2 to the millimeter, we would only have to add 2+2 to find the result .

But no, it seems that NuMiner has blatantly tried to copy the Cerebras design, put it through Photoshop and curiously forgot to remove the manufacturer’s logo. Be that as it may, NuMiner would have already booked 60,000 of these ASICs NM440 for a value of 1.7 billion by the company Sphere 3D, which after announcing this on Twitter shot up its prices a 30%.

Who lies? We don’t know, but if CS-2 with 850,000 cores You will end up mining Bitcoin with 60,000 of these teams, so the rest better get out of the game, because this is another level, if it is not a bluff to make money by illegally inflating shares…

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