The largest iMac won’t be for everyone


The latest rumors released by the Bloomberg journalist, Mark Gurman, indicate that the Cupertino company is considering launching a larger iMac in terms of size but that this would be called iMac Pro, which it means that these teams would not be entry models not much less.

Currently we can buy a larger 27-inch iMac for an “affordable” price for many of us, but in the next generation of these iMacs it seems that the Cupertino firm will focus fully on improving the specifications of the equipment and they will no longer be affordable iMac models for the vast majority of users in terms of price.

We can say that if you have a current 27-inch iMac, take care of it as much as possible, and according to this rumor, the company plans to launch a larger computer for the month of May or June, but with the most powerful processors launched to date. . This will increase the final price of the equipment as is the case with the current M1 Pro and M1 Max of the latest high-end MacBook Pro.

On the 9To5Mac website they echo this news in which the insistence that Apple will launch it is surprising a larger iMac with lower features than an iMac Pro might have. In reality, all of this is still rumors and it is possible that in Cupertino they will think about releasing this powerful device but that Apple could also launch a device similar to the 24-inch iMac with good features, a larger screen size and a powerful interior but without the need to reach to be an iMac Pro. We’ll see what happens.

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