The Last of Us: a 3rd game in development for the PS5… and the PS6?

A source at Sony told our colleagues at The Leak that a third installment in the The Last of Us video game saga was under development. According to her, the game would obviously land on PS5, but would also aim for a launch on the PS6. A plausible theory, given the time currently needed to produce a AAA game.

Credits: Naughty Dog

As you may know, reputable leaker ViewerAnon created a surprise in December 2022 by announcing on Twitter the development of a 3rd The Last of Us game. moment their lack of post-apocalyptic adventures while watching the excellent The Last of Us TV adaptation produced by HBO.

To support his remarks, the insider was able to rely on a statement from Neil Druckmann himself, the co-president of Naughty Dog and the director of the first two opuses of the video game saga, who mentioned the possibility of a 3rd episode in the Script Apart podcast in January 2023. He explains in particular that he has already sketched out the main lines of the scenario with his co-author Halley Gross.

However, he quickly went back on his statements during a recent interview for Buzzfeed. In this interview, the executive said that a 3rd opus will be launched, on the condition of having a “a gripping story that conveys a universal message and statement about love, as the first two games did”.

the last of us part 3
Credits: Naughty Dog

A source at Sony confirms the existence of the game

As you will have understood, the existence of a 3rd opus of The Last of Us is for the moment most uncertain, even if the thinking heads of Naughty Dog, Neil Druckmann in mind, are not completely hermetic to the idea. However, if we are to believe our colleagues from The Leak site, a Sony source has just confirmed the development of the title.

According to his words, Sony has listed the game as “In Progress” with Naughty Dog at its helm. And interestingly, the title would obviously be intended for release on PS5… But also on PS6! What does that mean ? In other words, The Last of Us Part 3 could launch towards the PS5’s end of life, before being declined in an improved version for the PS6.

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the last of us part 3
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A release on PS6 far from improbable

Either way, the thing is far from improbable. The first The Last Of Us made its debut in June 2013 on PS3 before being released on PS4 in a Remastered version a year later, in July 2014 precisely. On the other hand, one must take into account the time required today to develop a AAA game, as reputed journalist Jason Schreier reminded: “Fun fact: Video game production cycles have gotten so long that if a big-budget game studio started work on a brand new project, it would probably be for the Playstation 6″.

On his side, Paul Tassi of the Forbes site is also leaning towards a release of The Last of Us Part 3 in 2026 : “The Last of Us was released in June 2013. The Last of Us Part II was released in June 2020, but in the meantime Uncharted 4 and Uncharted Lost Legacy have been made. So, of course, a potential 2026 release date for The Last of Us Part 3 lines up pretty well, and would also line up with the apparent plans for the HBO series,” he writes in a recent article on the subject. And you what do you think ? Tell us in the comments.

Source : The Leak

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