The Last of Us for PC already has the mod you wanted

Maybe the launch of The Last of Us Part I It has been seriously affected by the number of bugs and glitches that the game suffered in its first days of life on PC, but little by little the community is reconciling itself with the game thanks to the patches that Naughty Dog is releasing. But if there is something that makes users especially happy, they are the mods.

The Last of Us in first person

The Last of Us mod first person

From the hand of the modder Voyager’s Revenge, this add-on for The Last of Us in its PC version allows you to play the game from a perspective that has never been available before. We are talking about the possibility of playing in the first person, a point of view that makes the game even more realistic and that allows us to feel even more the pressure and terror of having clickers a few meters from us.

Complimented by Naughty Dog

The work behind this mod is so good that even Naughty Dog herself has posted her congratulations on twitter for her tremendous work. This is undoubtedly a very positive message for the modder community, since it is not normal for the developers themselves to see modifications in their games with good eyes.

Of course, considering the disastrous launch of the PC version, the last thing Naughty Dog needs is to turn its users against it by rejecting cosmetic changes of this type. And it is that after all, one of the advantages of the PC versions is this, to change the game completely to your liking.

Where can it be downloaded?

At the moment its creator is still rushing the final touches before launching it officially, so it is not yet available for download. Even so, it is most likely that at first the mod will be available through its Patreon channel, so patrons will be the first to be able to install it.

Mods for The Last of Us Part I on PC

This is not the only mod that is being prepared for The Last of Us. In addition to the first person mode, Voyagers Revenge has also prepared a brutal combat mode that allows the player to have plenty of ammunition and crafting materials from the start of the game to fight with a higher difficulty level for a more gaming experience. aggressive.

Additionally, HUD elements and prompts have been removed for a more immersive cinematic experience, which is basically one of the hallmarks of this modder’s work.

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