The Last of Us on PC is delayed, but not for what you think

No one has any doubts that the name of the moment as far as the video game scene is concerned has to do with a product that is not a video game, although it is inspired by a very successful one which came out for PS3 almost a decade ago. Indeed, the HBO series of The Last of Us It is not only sweeping, but it is causing a resurgence of its old hits that, in the case of one of its upcoming adaptations, has decided to get out of that world of happiness in which the saga lives.

A belated announcement incorporated

The fact is that practically at the same time that the series was released on the platform in streaming Sony wanted us all to know that the first game in the franchise was going to make the leap to computers, a decade after its arrival on PlayStation and as a way to continue this policy of opening its exclusives towards Windows.

March 3 was the date that Sony announced that would allow us to play with The Last of Us on our PCs, surely taking advantage of the fact that HBO’s fiction would be close to its end and many players would be left with the desire to live for themselves the exploits of Joel and Ellie in that world devastated by the fungus that converts human beings into a kind of bloodthirsty zombies.

And to announce it, he did not hesitate to post a little statement how things are going with the adaptation of The Last of Us Part I for PC. It is this:

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The Last of Us Part I PC will now be released on March 28. An update from our team:

February 3, 2023 • 17:00

As always, the tweaks

As you can read in the Naughty Dog communication, the reasons why The Last of Us Part I is practically a month late, you have to go look for them in the need to have that extra time to conclude the game as it should. From what we can understand that to this day they are still doing some tweaks on the remastered version of PlayStation 5, which is the one they have taken as the basis for the conversion work to PC.

In this way, this announcement does nothing but throw a small jug of (very) cold water on fans of the franchise, who these days are levitating with happiness when they see what HBO has been able to do with one of their favorite games. A series starring Pedro Pascal who is sweeping in the audience and subscriber figures that see each chapter every week and that will conclude next Monday, March 19 with the issuance of the ninth installment.

So, taking a look at the series’ episode release schedule, Do you really think that Naughty Dog needs to touch up the game for 25 more days? Or have they simply adjusted the dates so that the series ends at their own pace and then, the following week, the hornet’s nest stirs with the release of the PC adaptation? If we had to bet a euro cent, we would have no doubts in risking everything that the North Americans have simply rearranged the calendar to lengthen the phenomenon The Last of Us. And that is, really, the real reason. Don’t you think?

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