The Last of Us Part I and its failures on PC

Almost a decade is what it has taken The Last of Us to reach PC, if we take into account that the first of all versions was released for PS3 in the month of June 2013. A very long period of time in which the Japanese have managed to place the creation of Naughty Dog as one of the most transcendental playable works in history.

Now available for PC

That’s why millions of gamers around the world who only enjoy gaming on PC were desperate to finally sink your teeth into this title that has two video games behind ita lore extensive with characters that have transcended the media and, of course, an adaptation to a television series by HBO that has caused a real earthquake within the audiovisual scene.

So the premiere yesterday of the game on PC should have been a pleasant, pleasant and enjoyable event. reunion with a jewel that is willing to approach the lares of Windows. But little of that has happened because if we look at the official page on Steam, we will see that disenchantment has settled in those who did not hesitate for a moment to buy. The Last of Us Part I immediately. Do you know what ratings it gets?

At the time of writing these lines the number of “Mostly Negative” comments takes over The Last of Us Part Iwhich means that the disgust for the port that Sony has published in stores for PC. On Steam, for example, and as you can see from the screenshot that you have just below, the number of ratings already exceeds 4,500 when last night it was barely at 3,100.

What problems is it giving?

Basically The Last of Us Part I it has not arrived optimized as it should since all the errors that you are experiencing have to do with four basic elements that are weighing down what should be a wonderful gaming experience. And they are:

  • CTD: basically the game crashes every few minutes and ends up kicking the player to the desktop leaving the progress we’ve made along the way.
  • Performance: many fans are reporting that the game trusts all its visual spectacle to the power of the processor, leaving the GPU more free, when it should be the other way around. That causes The Last of Us Part I never go as fine as it should on high settings.
  • locks: every so often the game gets stuck in certain places and, although in most cases it returns without problems, in some it ends up resetting practically the entire computer, including Windows.
  • Stutter mouse: this problem is known from others ports from sony like Uncharted 4 and here it is repeated. Obviously if you use a gamepad you won’t notice it, but if you are one of those who always have the keyboard and mouse in your hand –and even more so on PC– you are going to have a hard time.

So now you know, if you want to play with The Last of Us Part I On PC at the moment things are like this… if a patch does not remedy it.

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