The Last of Us removed this scene from Ellie and James: this is what happened

It seems like forever since we said goodbye to joel and ellie and yet, just two weeks ago the last episode of its first season came to light. It is therefore understandable that news about the series and details that we were unaware of continue to emerge, data that helps us make the absence more bearable and that continues to interest all of us who are fans of the HBO Max series. Is it your case? Well, I’m sure you’ll like to know that in one of the most important episodes, a rather significant scene between ellie and jameswho is precisely brought to life by the actor who voices Joel in the video game -yes, everything stays at home.

A first season full of tributes

One of the details that we liked the most about this adaptation of The Last of Us is that the producers have always kept in mind and consideration the original actors of the video game, those who lent their gestures and their voices to give character to the different characters in the story and who did so convincingly to convert the plot of TLOU is one of the best in gaming history.

In this way, we have been able to see how Jeffrey Pierce, who played Tommy in the game, was he in the series one of Kathleen’s soldiers or was brought back to life by Merle Dandridge Marlene. Not only that. Ashley Johnson, who played Ellie in the PlayStation 5 titles, plays Ellie. Anna, Ellie’s mother in the HBO max fiction, while Troy Baker, who was in charge of Joel, plays James, the second of David, the cannibal clan with which our protagonists meet during their journey.

James (Troy Baker) in a scene from The Last of Us for HBO Max

And precisely now we have discovered that there are more scenes recorded with this actor than unfortunately have not entered the final cut broadcast by the streaming platform. A purely time issue has taken us without a direct confrontation with Ellie that we learned about thanks to an interview.

An unscripted scene with Ramsey

It has been through some statements granted to Deadline as we have learned of this “hidden” moment. Baker thus shared his experiences filming the episode and specifically praised Bella Ramsey as a scene partner. impressively skilledsomething that is also evident in a “intense” scene and no script with her that did not make it to the final cut:

Here is something that people will never see, that only exists for my own benefit, and I love that and I hate it because there is a lot of talent; it’s scary. Ellie is in that cage and this is a scene that ended up being cut because we didn’t need it. David is having this conversation with Ellie, and then my character interrupts him. James walks in and asks, ‘Can I have a minute?’ And David says, ‘Yes.’ So, David leaves, and in this scene, which isn’t scripted, I just give him dog eyes. [feroz] to Ellie. And every [toma], it became a wordless war to see who would win that brief combat. And every time, Ellie wins.

the people of slashfilm points out that season 1 of The last of Us It will have digital and physical format (by Blue-ray/DVD), so hopefully we can enjoy this and other deleted scenes, and that we don’t know about, at its release. Cross our fingers.

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