The Latest from Apple TV +: Releases Available This Week

If you are not registered on Apple TV +, you may not know that yesterday, despite being Friday, was when the week started on the platform. And it is that Apple is used to publishing new content those days. If you are thinking of signing up or you already have an active subscription, you will probably be interested in knowing what was new that they released and that is a new series arrived. What’s more, next week the revelation series returns of the platform. We will tell you all of this below.

Sing and dance with Schmigadoon!

Yesterday saw the world premiere of the Schmigadoon! Series. Yes, exclamation and all. This is a new one musical comedy which is quite reminiscent of The Wizard of Oz. The protagonists of the story are a young backpackers couple who, after getting lost, end up in a remote town that hides a secret and that is that no one can leave it until they cross the bridge that separates the town from the hand of their true love.

Created by the same executive producer of Saturday Night Live or 30 Rock, Lorne Michaels, this series has already available its first two episodes on the platform. Y every week a new episode will premiere until completing a season that will have 6 chapters. A fun series that, although it is true that it will not be to everyone’s taste, has a wide age target and is ideal to watch with the whole family.

End of Lisey’s Story and other premieres

  • Lisey’s Story: the finishing touch to the miniseries created by Stephen King and JJ Abrams with its final outcome is put on. Its 8 full episodes are now available.
  • Physical: This series that mixes elements of comedy with a really cruel story, advances towards the end of its first season with chapter 7. We remember that there will be 10 episodes in total that will be broadcast in this batch.
  • Central Park: this musical comedy that has the same team of creators as Bob’s Burger has already issued the sixth chapter of its second season.
  • Home Before Dark: the series based on the true histories of a young reporter has already aired what is the sixteenth episode in total and the sixth of the second season.

And next week… Ted Lasso is back!

  • Ted Lasso: The long-awaited second season of one of the comedies most loved by the public and critics arrives. After hundreds of nominations and dozens of awards, the series starring Jason Sudeikis will return with new episodes that will be happening week after week from Friday next week.
  • The Art of Sound with Mark Ronson: the documentary series that tells the ins and outs of music production with unique points of view will also hit the platform next Friday.
  • Mr. Corman: This series will hit the platform on August 6 offering the particular story of a frustrated artist turned into a teacher with large doses of humor with which to get away from everything and have a good time.
  • CODA: the well-known film at the Sundance Film Festival will finally hit the platform on August 13, offering an interesting story of a young woman who is forced to decide between her family and her own goals.

  • Truth Be Told: Octavia Spencer fans can continue to enjoy the actress in her role as Poppy in the second season of this series, which will arrive on Apple TV + on August 20.
  • See: Jason Momoa and company arrive again with a spectacular second season whose production levels continue to rise. You can start watching the new chapters on August 27.
  • The Morning Show: one of the platform’s most beloved series that features stars like Jennifer Aniston and Reese Whiterspoon. Its brand new second season will begin airing from September 17.
  • Foundation: Based on the acclaimed science fiction novels by Isaac Asimov, this mega production will arrive in serial form on September 24.
  • Invasion: On October 22, you will be able to start watching this new series that tells the story of an alien invasion in a way never seen before with different perspectives from people around the world.
  • The Shrink Next Door: Based on real events, this series recreates the particular relationship of the so-called “celebrity psychiatrist” played by Paul Rudd with his patient Marty, played by Will Ferrell. It will premiere on November 12.

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