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Unreleased 9/11 documentary, premiere of the week

Far from its usual day which are Fridays, last Wednesday it premiered 9/11: this is how the White House lived. This is a documentary that reviews the events of that tragic day in 2001 when the United States was the victim of one of the worst terrorist attacks in living memory. It tells how this event was lived around George W. Bush, who at that time was in command of the country’s presidency.

A documentary that, although it is true that it does not address a subject that has not been touched previously, shows a new vision of the events with exclusive images and statements. And, like the rest of the content on Apple TV +, it can only be seen on this platform. Have 1 hour and a half duration and it is available in its original version (English) with subtitles in a multitude of languages, including Spanish.

Today there have been these series premieres

Apple TV + continues to broadcast new episodes of its series on a weekly basis, since they follow the strategy in many cases of broadcasting a weekly episode instead of publishing all of them at once. Therefore, today these news are already available:

  • See: premiere of chapter 2 of its 2nd season (10th in the series).
  • Ted Lasso: premiere of chapter 7 of its 2nd season (17th of the series).
  • Truth Be Told: premiere of chapter 3 of its 2nd season (11th in the series).
  • Mr. Corman: premiere of chapter 6 of its 1st season.

see second season apple tv +

The «morning show» of the «foundation» month

This month of September is one of the most anticipated by users of the streaming platform, given that expected premieres will arrive. Starting with the second season of The Monrning Show, which will arrive on September, 17thwith the return of stars like Jennifer Aniston, Reese Whiterspon or Billy Crudup. New plots come to this series based on a fictional morning show that brings together controversy on all sides.

apple tv foundation + premiere

Craved is also the premiere of Foundation (or Foundation by its name in English). It is one of the most anticipated series of the year and one that science fiction fans await by biting their nails. It is based on the popular novels of Isaac Asimov, although allowing certain licenses typical of a television adaptation that in no case detract from a high-level production. Will arrive 24th September with its first episodes.

It should be noted that, before these, it will come Come From Away: Welcome to Gander. Specifically it will be the next Friday when it premieres. This is a movie that is actually a televised recording of the popular musical based on the true stories of those passengers who were stranded at Gander Airport after the events of September 11, 2001.

It should be noted that this week the premiere of the third and final season of Dickinson. This series based on the famous American writer and will come to an end having been one of the first on the platform. This final season will be broadcast weekly with a new chapter, starting on November 5th of this same year.

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