The latest Lightgear trailer reveals the key to the plot

Without a doubt, of everything that Pixar has created in the last two years, Lightyear It is the most anticipated movie by fans what do they have in toy story their eye-opening moment in life where they connected with a new way of animated storytelling. Who hasn’t laughed or cried at the journey our dear Buzz made from Andy’s room to the harsh reality that he’s not a Space Marine but rather a toy that can’t fly, but can only fall with style.

An old known villain

That’s the way it is, Lightyear it becomes the film that restores the glamor to the original character toy story, taking us to live some adventures that are the ones that really belonged to him from the beginning and that in the 1995 movie we know thanks to the television commercials. Even so, Pixar has found it very interesting to travel through that heroic facet of Buzz and the result is a film that, as it approaches its premiere in June, we are more eager to see it.

Now, on top of that, we have a second official trailer that comes to complement the other one that more or less outlined the figure of a Buzz Lightwear that maintains its resemblance to the original from 1995, but with a point of realism that amazes when you see it. And the truth is that this advance already seems to explain more things to us than what we are going to find in a story that drink straight from lore that the character himself has been created in the four films of toy story and in other products derived from the franchise.

But what is that key detail that we have seen? Well, nothing more and nothing less than his archenemy, the one he already mentioned in toy story 2 and that He came to tell him that “I am your father” and that attends to the name of Emperor Zurg. We do not know to what extent that phrase will become true or if everything will remain a joke-tribute to Star Wars of Pixar made then, but it takes on special relevance in the trailer that has just been published, because it has all the appearance that it is going to destroy that moment of good vibes that was experienced at the end of the 1999 film when father and son finished playing together.

But there’s still more

Although Emperor Zurg is the most striking character in the film, there are elements that Pixar has saved to give us even more important surprises and that he has slipped into some of his frames. As are certain robots that we already know from past adventures of Buzz Lightyear himself and, of course, an explanation for that “to infinity and beyond”? Also, the plot seems to revolve around a time jump, since good old Buzz starts an expedition that seems to take him back to his planet many years later than when he took off. We do not know the details, but everything seems to be focused on that temporary turn.

Remember that this same character starred in a television series cartoon in the year 2020, titled Buzz Lightyear of Star Command from which, the same, they could have taken elements that define their biography. So reviewing his chapters the same is not a bad idea, right?

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