The latest macOS Monterey Beta teaches us a high-power mode on MacBooks

We are still in the testing phases of macOS Monterey. The latest Developer Beta has just been released by the company and there are exciting news. Experts have spotted a new mode for MacBooks. A high-power mode that will delight those who need it at a certain time all the power that the MacBook can give. In this way, the new operating system will be versatile and adjustable to needs.

At the beginning of the year, experts already predicted that Apple wanted to add a new mode in the MacBook. A high power mode. That means that the user could choose at a certain moment, the maximum power for his MacBook. As in the betas that have been released so far, we have seen a control and energy reduction mode, this mode would do just the opposite. It would provide more power when the user requests it.

It is true that the first references to the pro mode, found in macOS Catalina 10.15.3. The macOS internal code described this option as the ability to make applications run faster. But of course it was warned that the battery would suffer and last less while the fans would need more power and therefore would make more noise. Now this feature was never available to users.

However, in the latest macOS Monterey beta, it has been found that this high-powered mode is included in the operating system as an option for the user. It would work just in the opposite way to the consumption saving mode, which also exists. In other words, in high power mode, nothing is saved. It goes for all, so that in that way the user you can get the most out of your MacBook.

At the moment the function is still inaccessible to users And it’s unclear if Apple plans to introduce high-power mode for everyone or just specific Mac models.

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