The Latest: Microsoft 365 Will Be More Private, Edge Looks Better, And More

However, not everyone is happy with the products and platforms that Redmond offers us. This is something that is evident on many occasions, since, despite their widespread market penetration, their products are also widely criticized. Although many await the arrival of Windows 11, we now know that the next October 5, its minimum requirements is creating a lot of controversy.

Microsoft heavily criticized for Windows 11 requirements

One of the main reasons for all this is that some of the newer processors do not fall within the CPU compatible with the new operating system. This is something that many of the users affected by it do not understand, since the rest of the requirements are met by their equipment. Hence the complaints that are being sent by the thousands and in different ways to Microsoft itself.

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Of which there is no doubt is that the signature of Redmond you will have to solve all this in some way, since you cannot allow users with the latest generation computers to not be able to enjoy their latest operating system.

Microsoft 365 improves the privacy of its users

Another of the unfavorable points and highly criticized by users towards some Microsoft products, is everything related to privacy. As an example, the telemetry or collection of usage data from its users in Windows 10. Well, you have to know that something similar happens when we use Microsoft 365. However, the Redmond firm wants to improve this section, so within a few hours this data will be collected as pseudonyms. These are some of the changes in the configurations that the company is carrying out in Microsoft 365.

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Therefore, as of September 1, 2021, Microsoft 365 usage analytics will be treated in the form of pseudonyms by default, which improves privacy on this platform. At the same time it is important to keep in mind that, although this will be a setting By default, administrators can redisplay personally identifiable information.

Edge will have new scroll bars in Windows

Another of the great projects in which the software giant is immersed at the moment is in its Edge browser. Its main objective is to compete directly with the proposal of Google of this type, Chome. For this, it does not cease its efforts with new functions in order to meet the needs of its users and continue to grow.

edge bars

One of the most recent news that has just been known for the launch of Windows 11, is related to its design. As part of the visual renovation Edge in Windows 10 and Windows 11 is going to change the design of its scroll bar. It will use the so-called as overlapping scroll bars for this item to match the look of Windows 11 applications.

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