The latest Netflix movie is a success: it will have a sequel and a spin-off

On July 15, Netflix premiered the unseen agenta blockbuster of more than 200 million dollars with a cast of those that take away the hiccups because it brought together, not only the directors of the last two installments of the saga vendors, but also put Ryan Gosling, Chris Evans and Ana de Armas, among others, in front of the actors. So the bet had to go well yes or yes, right?

The premiere arrived and it seems that it has worked

The story of that Sierra 6 (S6) agent who makes it funny that he didn’t want another number because “007 was already taken”, comes to explain very clearly what Netflix’s real bet was around this character that he clearly wants to transform into a saga capable of transcending beyond the menus of the application of his streaming application. And there must have been many millions of viewers who have seen it in the first days for them to have made the decision to continue with it… so quickly.

This has been in charge of announcing the official account of the Russo brothers on Twitter, where They have given new news about what they have called the “#TheGrayMan Universe”and that will have continuity through a new installment but, almost more importantly, a spin-off inspired by that world in which several convicts are released from prison to do good (killing) on ​​behalf of the CIA.

Thus, the Russo brothers have stated that «We are excited to announce that a sequel to The Gray Man is now in development starring Ryan Gosling […] both us and co-writer Stephen McFeely [estamos] ready to go back.” And in addition, “a spin-off is also in the works, written by acclaimed screenwriters Paul Wernick and Rhett Reese”, responsible for writing deadpool, Dead Pool 2 Y welcome to zombieland.

Spies, lots of action and too predictable

the unseen agent (either The Gray Man) It is a film that takes us to common places of the genre and that are sometimes too predictable since it mixes elements from the James Bond movies, with others from the Bourne and even something that the Russo brothers bring from that UCM in which they have known how to move so well, such as arrogance Captain America Civil War.

Unfortunately, since 2019 they do not seem to have been able to continue the work they have done away from the universe of comics. Without going further Cherry, an exclusive Apple TV+ movie that went unnoticed in an attempt to bring some seriousness to his career, did not end as expected, despite the presence of the famous Tom Holland. Now with Netflix, they seem to have found a way to create their own cinematic universe.

Right now the unseen agent It is harvested on platforms such as FilmAffinity scores of 5.5 out of 10, while on IMDb, which is the largest database on the internet dedicated to the seventh art, it remains at a very crude 6.6. Nonetheless, Google affirms that 90% of the users who have left their vote have liked this movie which, for now, is guaranteed a continuation and a spin-off. You like me?

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