the launch on PC is catastrophic, players denounce bugs galore

Who would have thought that The Last of Us, one of the most critically and gamer-acclaimed games of all time, would receive low ratings the day it was released on PC? Yet that is exactly what is happening. In the comments, many players are complaining about incessant bugs, making the Naughty Dog title simply unplayable.

The Last of Us Part I is the latest cartridge Sony is launching in the PC market today. And not just any cartridge, since it is certainly one of the most beloved PlayStation games of all time. Coupled with the series adaptation by HBO which has just completed its first season, all the elements were there for the PC release to be a huge hit. Yet, quite the opposite is happening.

As surprising as it may seem, Naughty Dog’s mythical game is currently stagnating at an average of “rather negative” ratings on Steam. In the comments, everyone says the same thing: the title is so riddled with bugs that it is simply unplayable. “Loads every 2 minutes that take far too long. Glitches, bugs everywhere. The game crashes. I had to restart it 2 times in the space of 20 minutes”, thus testifies one of them.

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Wait for the patch before playing The Last of Us on PC

However, the launch of this PC version had just been delayed by 25 days to give the developers time to fix these bugs, Naughty Dog having then declared that it wanted “Debuts on PC are made in the best possible conditions”. Unfortunately, it seems that this postponement was not enough. At this stage, everything suggests thata patch is absolutely necessary to be able to enjoy the title.

In the comments, solutions are still proposed. Some indeed indicate that in lmimicking framerate at 60 FPS and enabling V-Sync, the majority of optimization problems disappear. For its part, Naughty Dog confirmed on Twitter to be aware of the bugs encountered by players and ensures that its teams “are actively investigating the multiple reported issues”.

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