the launch still postponed, the manufacturer is now aiming for June 2023

Apple definitely seems to be having a hard time concluding the development of its first VR headset. While the release of the latter was initially scheduled for April, an internal source slipped to our colleagues at Bloomberg that the firm would now be aiming for a presentation for its next WWDC conference, next June. Many technical issues are not yet resolved.

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The history of the development of Apple Glass is littered with pitfalls and postponements. Since the beginning of the project in 2015, the Cupertino company has done everything possible to maintain secrecy around its VR headset – due, in particular, to the many technical difficulties encountered by its teams. But his efforts fail to sustain the multiple rumors of postponements. At the end of last year, we thus learned that the release was delayed to an unknown date, probably during the month of April 2023.

But things are definitely not going as planned for Apple, as reported by an internal source with our colleagues from Bloomberg. The virtual reality headset was initially to be entitled to its dedicated conference for the presentation. According to information from Bloomberg, this would no longer be relevant today. Instead, the Cupertino company is reportedly planning to unveil its new device at its annual developer event, WWDC.

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Apple will finally present its first VR headset next June

The reason is now known to everyone: many software problems still exist on the device. Apple would also have instructed Dan Riccio, former head of hardware at the manufacturer, to take part in the project to solve the last technical problems. Among these, Bloomberg reports in particular problems related to sensors supposed to recognize the movements of the eyes and hands of the user, as well as autonomy for the moment very limited.

Apple would still hope to launch its VR headset this year. The stakes are high for the firm, which has not entered new markets since 2015 with the arrival of its first Apple Watch. With an announced price of $2,000 minimum, it remains to be seen whether the general public will be seduced. Still according to Bloomberg, we can nevertheless expect the firm to launch a cheaper version of the device later, probably in the year 2024.

Source : Bloomberg

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