The leaks of the iPhone 13 before its presentation

The 5 most reliable iPhone 13 leaks

Obviously we can not say with total security or a single feature of the new Apple smartphones because officially the company continues to keep them secret. That is why the nature of this article has to be included in rumors, but according to the sources that have been filtering it and the reliability they dispute, we can blindly bet that all this that we comment on below will end up being reality in 6 days.


Will be again four iPhones which will be the natural successors of the current ones. Therefore we will see iPhone 13, iPhone 13 mini, iPhone 13 Pro and iPhone 13 Pro Max. Its appearance will also be practically identical to the latter, although with a variation in the arrangement of the cameras in the ’13’ and ’13 mini ‘because they would become diagonal. They could also be released new colors in the ‘Pro’, having matt black, silver, rose gold and copper gold.


The screens will once again have identical sizes to the ’12’, but will have as a novelty the reduction of the ‘notch’ after 4 years, which could not only be less tall, but could also narrow. Better resolutions are also expected on the four OLED panels and even 120 Hz refresh rate and even the function of “Always-on display” favored by LTPO panels, although it is still unknown if the latter will be for everyone or will be exclusive to the ‘Pro’ and ‘Pro Max’.


In addition to the always remarkable optimization made by iOS and the battery processor, it is expected that the increase in their capacity will be noticed after two generations of iPhone in which there have been no improvements in this regard. It is not known to what extent there will be better autonomy and more with functions such as 120 Hz, but it is expected that the jump will be noticed compared to the iPhone 12.


Beyond seeing how the new position of the double camera of the ’13’ and ’13 mini ‘affects, it is known that there will be improvements in the night mode thanks to larger and higher quality sensors that would allow an important leap in astrophotography. It is also strongly rumored that the video portrait mode it will be a reality in this generation.

color rumors iphone 13 pro


The mmWave antennas they will reach the world without making them exclusive to iPhones in the United States, which will allow faster and higher quality 5G connections. In addition there will be special antennas that connect to LEO satellites to perform emergency calls without coveragealthough this may be unique to some countries.

Apart from these there will be other novelties that are either less prominent, or are still secret. In any case, what do you think of these? Do you think they will be a good advance in the iPhone?

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