The LEGO Technic McLaren Formula 1 arrives ahead of the start of the 2022 season

Resulting from the partnership between Mclaren Racing and the famous Danish brand, the McLaren Formula 1 LEGO Technic is the first F1 car of such a scale in LEGO bricks.

While awaiting the resumption of the 2022 F1 season, LEGO and McLaren Racing are teaming up to offer the McLaren Formula 1 LEGO Technic. This is the first Formula 1 car of such scale in LEGO bricks. For the occasion, the Danish brand did not skimp on the details. This replica pays homage to the 2021 livery, with a strong look at the 2022 single-seater. LEGO explains that it designed this Formula 1 in close collaboration with experts from McLaren Racing, who developed the team’s new car in parallel. Result, this reproduction partially lifts the veil on the future MCL36 which will be presented in a few days.

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See you at the first brick!

The racing car is entitled to a V6 engine with moving pistons, steering operated from the cockpit, suspension and differential lock. Made up of 1,432 pieces, it measures over 5” (13cm) high, 25” (65cm) high and 10” (27cm) wide. The model is accompanied by sponsor stickers to turn into a collector’s item faithful to the original. At McLaren, we say we are delighted “to unveil this unique LEGO Technic replica” of their F1.

Mclaren Racing Technical Director James Key adds: “This model celebrates our 2021 livery while offering enthusiasts a preview of our 2022 F1 design. It was made possible by the agile collaboration with the LEGO Group team”. As a reminder, the teams are fine-tuning their new single-seaters as new regulations come into force. ( For the second consecutive year, Daniel Ricciardo and Lando Norris will be teammates at McLaren Racing.

LEGO Technic McLaren Formula 1
Daniel Ricciardo and Lando Norris discover the LEGO Technic McLaren Formula 1 © LEGO

The LEGO Technic McLaren Formula 1 race car will be available from March 1, 2022; at the price of €179.99. If this version targets adults, LEGO will also launch a Mercedes set. The Mercedes-AMG F1 W12 E Performance Speed ​​Champions set and Mercedes-AMG Project One are aimed more at children and motor racing enthusiasts. It includes scale models of both cars and will also be available on March 1, 2022. Count 39.99 euros for this set.

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