The Linux Foundation will host the Cloud Hypervisor project

The Linux Foundation has announced that it will host Cloud Hypervisor, the project that aims to offer a modern virtual machine monitor for cloud workloads.

Linux Foundation is a non-profit technology consortium that aims to advance Linux and standardize the physical and logical components of the free system, but also supports and hosts other open source software projects. Cloud Hypervisor will be next.

Written in Rust and with a strong focus on safety, the project offers the expected characteristics of a hypervisor: CPU, memory and hot-plugging of devices; support for running Windows and Linux virtual machines; Device offload with vhost-user and a compact, minimal footprint.

The project has the support of companies such as Alibaba, ARM, ByteDance, Intel and Microsoft, and has among its ranks Arjan van de Ven, a member of Intel, one of the founders and technical sponsor of the project. «Cloud Hypervisor has grown to the point of transitioning to the neutral government provided by The Linux Foundation”, Explains the executive.

«We built the project to provide a more secure and up-to-date VMM to optimize for today’s cloud workloads. With fewer device models and a more modern and secure language, Cloud Hypervisor offers security and performance optimized for today’s cloud needs ».

Mike Dolan, Senior Vice President and General Project Manager, Linux Foundation, has welcomed the project: «Modern cloud workloads require better security, and the cloud hypervisor project is intentionally designed to focus on this critical area… We look forward to supporting this community of projects, both as development aid and to establish the frameworks. of governance to sustain it for years to come«.

K. And Srinivasan, an engineer and vice president of Microsoft, added that “Cloud Hypervisor has matured to the point that moving it to Linux Foundation is the right move at the right time. As LF continues to standardize key components of the software stack to manage / orchestrate modern workloads, we believe that Cloud Hypervisor will be an important part of the overall stack.«.

Cloud Hypervisor is a great innovation project, it evolves rapidly and it is expected that make it easy to build a more secure and lightweight cloud infrastructure. Joining the Linux Foundation can help you reach more developers and organizations.

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