The long-awaited Foundation series for Apple TV +, to premiere in September

The first news about plans to bring to the small screen the work of the Isaac Asimov Foundation, date from April 2018, a month before the official presentation of Apple TV + and a year and a half before its official launch.

In the last presentations that Apple has made, it has shown some images of this project, a project that It will be released in September according to an internal email from Apple accessed by MacRumors and AppleInsider. In this email, he points to the month of September for the premiere of the Fundación series on Apple TV +.

For now it’s not clear what the day is, so it is likely that Apple TV + are putting the finishing touches to the series and do not want to get their fingers caught and have to delay one of the most anticipated releases since the launch of Apple TV + to the market in November 2019.

Foundation, a set of 16 books

The Foundation Series is a set of at least 16 science fiction books written by Isaac Asimov, between the 40s, 50s and 80s. The series follows the psychohistory expert and mathematician Hari Seldon, capable of predicting the future.

Seldon creates a group called the Foundation to preserve humanity’s collective knowledge before the imminent fall of the Galactic Empire. The novels span many years and cover the rise and fall of multiple empires, so it is not an easy task to adapt it to a television series.

Last February, one of the producers of this series for Apple TV + stated that the adaptation to the small screen will consist of 80 chapters, a compressible extension if we take into account the extension of the work, as long as they are really based on it.

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