The Lord of the Rings, a Fallout… all the free October games on Amazon Prime

There are several game stores for PC and platforms that in recent times are offering us a series of free titles from time to time. In case you are subscribed to Amazon-Prime, to say that the electronic commerce giant also joined this modality. And it is that sometimes we find really interesting titles and at no cost, like now.

As a general rule, these games that we can download and add to our personal library at no cost, are usually made available to everyone on the first day of each month. As with the aforementioned Amazon subscription through Prime Gaming, for example, we find it in the Epic Games Store. However, it is worth noting that in this second case the free games can be found every Thursday afternoon at 5:00 p.m., Spanish time.

But in this case we want to talk about the titles that the retail giant is going to offer us in just a couple of days. Specifically, we are going to talk about the games available for free on Prime Gaming for this month of October 2022. It is true that we still have a few hours left for them to make themselves available to us, but it is worth being prepared. From the point of view of many users subscribed to Amazon, many months the games available are not of quality.

However, we must admit that in recent times it seems that the firm is trying to adapt to the requests from your customers, as is the case at hand. Let’s see the games that we can enjoy in less than a couple of days.

Get these free games on Amazon Prime

We tell you all this because in recent times the availability of these free games for Amazon Prime customers has improved substantially. This is the case with which we are going to find ourselves in a couple of days with the games corresponding to this month of October. Among the outstanding titles that we are going to find in a matter of hours, we can mention Middle Earth Shadow of Wareither Middle Earth: Shadows of War that we will get from the GOG game store.

amazon prime games

As many of you may already know, it is an action role-playing game focused on the Lord of the Rings universe that many of you will surely appreciate. In addition, the titles focused on epic fights do not end here, since we will also have the possibility of obtaining the game at no cost Total War Warhammer II from Epic Games. With this alone, many would already feel satisfied considering that they are gifts that we get for our subscription to Amazon Prime.

But that’s not all, since belonging to the popular futuristic saga that has been accompanying us for years, Amazon also gives us Fallout 76 from the Microsoft Store. Radically changing the third, perhaps the most veteran will be able to reminisce about old times thanks to loom. This is a game focused on music in mode adventure game that at the time had a huge success and that many of you may remember. These are the most attractive titles of this month, although we can also obtain others such as hero’s hour, Glass Masquerade and more.

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