The Lord of the Rings series has a premiere date and first frame

The release date of the Lord of the Rings series

If during the previous months we could already intuit when the long-awaited series based on the work of JRR Tolkien would arrive, now we finally have confirmation of the exact day that will start what will be the most expensive television production in history. Well, that about television in quotes, because it will be available through the Amazon Prime Video video platform and not a classic television channel, but surely you understand the expression.

The next day September 2, 2022 The Lord of the Rings will be released. But despite the fact that there are still many details to be known and that, surely, during the coming months we will see how the marketing campaign intensifies to reinforce the depth of this great Amazon production, the company also showed a first image.

It is true that the frame shared by Amazon does not give many details, but it serves perfectly to see the level that is handled and the commitment that this series represents for the company. Which, as we said, will be the most expensive in television history, surpassing HBO’s successful Game of Thrones.

However, the $ 465 million that this first season of The Lord of the Rings on Amazon Prime Video will cost is quickly justified, according to Jennifer Slake – head of Amazon Studios – because with that amount of money they have been able to build the foundation that it will also be used for the recording of the following seasons.

So it will continue to be a significant investment, but each new season will not mean the same outlay again. Although knowing the fan base that JRR Tolkien has, there is no doubt that it will end up being profitable for the company and its video on demand service, which is sure to gain much more presence among the current ones and where Netflix and Disney Plus are leaders and the two more media services.

A story before The Hobbit and The Lord of the Rings

The Lord of the rings

As we have already said on occasion, the new series of The Lord of the Rings that Amazon Prime Video is preparing will not tell anything of what we could already see in the respective trilogies of The Hobbit and The Lord of the Rings, but it will be based on all those stories, events and legends leading up to those events.

Therefore, what we can see is how the great powers of Middle-earth were forged, how glory rose and fell between the different kingdoms of men, dwarves, elves, etc. So write down the date on the calendar, start up your engines by rereading the books or watching the movies, because although there is still a year left, when you least realize it we will already be watching the first chapter and we can judge if so much expectation was worth it.

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