The Lost Ruins of Arnak: the first Expedition Leaders expansion is coming

Skull Creations announced the arrival of the first one in Italian as well expansion of the board game The Lost Ruins of Arnak, Expedition Leaders.

Let’s find out what will be present in the first addition to the title of Min & Elwen.

Expedition Leaders, the Lost Ruins of Arnak expansion

The Lost Ruins of Arnak is a title for 1 to 4 players playable in an inclusive time between 30 and 120 minutes. It is one of the most popular titles of this first part of 2021; the mechanics are those of deck-building and worker placement.

The setting takes shape on an uninhabited island, where explorers have found traces of an ancient lost civilization. Each player leads an expedition to the island to track down artifacts and explore the island on which the ruins lie, and will face off against the fearsome guardians as they discover the island’s secrets.

The new expansion, Expedition Leaders, focuses on bringing in new expedition leaders that we can play, each with their own set of skills and starting deck the asymmetry introduced thanks to these 6 new leaders, combined with new research tracks and never seen artifacts, will guarantee a good replayability to the many fans of this title.

The original language edition should arrive by the end of the year, while Skull (U-boot, Era – The Middle Ages) has not yet decided on an official date for the launch of the first expansion of The Lost Ruins of Arnak. Stay tuned to know the date as soon as it is announced!

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