The luxury sector continues to grow in Madrid

The Tirso de Molina Palace brought together, a few days ago, the leading gastronomic firms in the luxury sector in Madrid. It was done on the occasion of the second edition of Palacio Gourmet, organized by Elite Excellence-Spanish Federation of Luxuryin collaboration with The Arc Collection.

The success of the first edition, which brought together more than 650 visitors, as well as more than 1,000 references of high-end food products, has led the entity – recognized by the Ministry of the Interior – to repeat this itinerary that is already consolidated as a benchmark in the sector’s agenda. Thus, this year stands out especially for its success of influx that managed to gather more than 1,000 attendeesamong which stood out large firms and personalities from the industry, the media and institutional spokespersons.

“Madrid has established itself as the European capital of luxury with the potential to compete with Milan, Paris or London. Through this initiative we wanted to create a closer link in which each brand invites you to ‘its own home’ customized to convey its essence and values ​​in a unique experience.” declared Kevin de Ribes, co-founder and director of institutional relations of Elite Excellence – Spanish Luxury Federation during the inauguration

Precisely, the organizing entity highlighted the importance of the Tirso De Molina Palace where these conferences have taken place. It is positioned as a key location for the capital that combines the unique aspects of the palace-house built in the 17th century with the avant-garde and luxury of the different high-end brands that occupied the space.

In this way, each of the gourmet firms presented their products and services in the different apartments available in the Palace through workshops, afterworks, and networking sessions for distributors, the press, content creators, hotels, restaurants, the end public, and professionals. of the sector. Thanks to this innovative presentation formula, they have managed to achieve that exclusivity and optimal customer experience, so characteristic of the high-impact sector.

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Among the participants were renowned brands such as: Osborne, Johnnie Walker, Ron Matusalem, Cinco Jotas, Riofrío Caviar, Roku Gin, Wolstton Coffee, Don Julio, Cacao Sampaka, Bodegas Orán, Nordés Gin, Ron Zacapa, DYC, Universo Vermouth, Carlos I, Bodegas Montecillo and Gold Gin, among others.

Gastronomy in the luxury sector

The gastronomic sector is one of the sectors that is gaining the most relevance within the high-impact industry. In fact, it is also of great importance for tourism and hospitality.

Specifically, due to the growing interest in this area, Elite Excellence-Spanish Luxury Federation has observed a significant increase in the sale of gourmet products and services.

In the words of the Osborne Group, “In complex times, the gourmet brand creates added value that leads consumers to purchase products or services that meet their highest quality standards. This increase is precisely due to the value they provide”. A good example of this are the results of this Spanish Group, which are already at levels higher than those registered in 2019.

In this same line, from the organizing entity of the Gourmet Palace, they support this idea of ​​growth and point out the following factors as triggers: increase in wealth and purchasing powerthe growing interest in food quality, the exploration of unique dining experiences, the popularity of cooking TV shows, and sustainability.

Luxury gastronomy does not only seek to offer top quality products made in a carefully selected production process. Its differentiating factor lies precisely in the added value of the quality and safety of the raw material, the development of the production process, the shopping experience -offering exclusivity and an emotional part- and the innovation that mixes with the more traditional part of the know to do.

According to Sandra Andújar, the president and co-founder of Elite Excellence – Spanish Luxury Federation, “Gastronomy is seen as a thread of approximation with people through experiences, a meeting point where social, family and even business relationships can be established. Precisely in Spain, gastronomy becomes a language that stimulates all the senses, welcomes and allows us to connect with our culture and local products. At these levels of excellence, gastronomy becomes art and cultural wealth”.

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