The Macbook Air has killed this computer

On June 6, Apple introduced the 15-inch MacBook Air with the M2 chip, a product born in response to users looking for a device with the pPortability of the Air version but with the screen of the Pro versions. However, this launch has literally knocked out a product that in itself made little sense in the market, and now it doesn’t unless Apple launches a new one. new version very soon.

13-inch MacBook Pro, do you exist for Apple?

If before it did not make sense this 13-inch MacBook Pro, now makes less sense due to being stuck between two lands, cannibalized by the 14-inch MacBook Pro above and 15-inch MacBook Air below.

This death in life It is because Apple maintains the design of a product that is outdated according to the current canons that Apple develops in terms of design and features. To begin with, we have a 2023 model, that is, the M2 chip but with a 2016 design and priced slightly higher than the 15-inch MacBook Air. In short, we could say that we are facing a MacBook Pro SEbecause it reuses an obsolete but vitaminized design to the current versions.

macbook and touchbar

To all this, we must add that all new laptops include the charger MagSafe and the Face ID prototype, a fork at the top that makes all Apple products maintain their hallmark. Now, the 13-inch MacBook Pro does not have a MagSafe charging connector, which forces you to constantly depend on peripherals, since if you are charging it, you only have one port available. To all this, he maintains a Touch Bar that it is already obsolete and discontinued by Apple and that does not incorporate any version of MacBook at present, nor the most professional versions of Apple.

It has no place in the 2023 or 2024 market

The MacBook Pro could be a product that it made sense before the launches of the 13-inch MacBook Air and that was relegated to a second position with the launch of the 14-inch MacBook Pro, since we find ourselves with a pro team but with measured dimensions with a very small price difference and with an infinitely superior hardware configuration.

To all this, we have to add how Apple has killed the MacBook Pro of 13 with the launch of the MacBook Air of 15, leaving this Mac practically at a disappearance and that, Apple maintains it for wanting to end the current Stock. It is true that the 13 MacBook Pro has a fan, which allows more cooling, but the configuration capacity is the same as the Air series, that is, up to a maximum of 24 GB of RAM and 2 TB of storage and seeing the capacity air temperature management, What’s the point of buying an outdated model?

In conclusion, Apple, with the diversifying your Macs, has caused the products to cannibalize each other. In the time of Steve jobs it was very clear what you could get or not. Now in 2023, the user has to spend afternoons finding out the differences between one team and another, just as it happens in other companies. Apple, you need to correct that.

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