The MacBook Pro from mid-2012 is already considered Vintage by Apple

MacBook Pro from mid 2012 is already Vintage

To everything and to all of us comes the moment in which we are “declared” as old. It happened to me the first time a child called me sir, although the important thing is how we feel inside and that we continue to function. On the other hand, when it comes to computers, when they declare you old (better if it’s Vintage) there’s little left to do. It is likely that they will start to forget about you, that the operating systems are no longer for that particular model and that repair parts will start to become scarce. That’s what happened to the mid-2012 MacBook Pro that has just been declared by Apple as Vintage.

It will not be until January 31 when it officially enters the list, but already announced that it will and that it will be the mid-2012 MacBook Pro that will increase the list of vintage Apple devices. What has been the list of thanks for the work done but that can now be retired. The MacBook Pro in question was the one with the CD. Oh my goodness, when we had a CD tower in our room with different themes and games. Now that seems obsolete and archaic to us but it’s only been 10 years.

This MacBook Pro was released in June 2012. As we said it was the last model with a built-in CD/DVD and remained on sale until October 2016. That makes us think that until that date the CD was almost necessary in our lives. It makes me a little dizzy to think about it. In fact as I am writing this article I see some CDs on the shelves that in fact I no longer have or where to play them. With a 13-inch screen, it brought a lot of joy to the company and the users.

Being the date of its last sale in 2016, it is considered Vintage following Apple’s rules. What considers the device as such? with more than five years since it stopped selling. Remember that Vintage means collection at Apple and collection means more value. I leave it there.

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