The Malaga incubator, Freepik Labs, adds projects worth 140 million

Freepik Company, the Malaga technology company specialized in the production and distribution of graphic resources, adds projects worth 140 million euros. This has been stated Gladys Vila, Freepik Labs Digital Product Manager “We estimate that the projects developed will add 140 million new users to the Freepik Company ecosystem ”.

«With this we want to make design accessible to anyone, meeting the increasingly diverse demands of the profiles that make up the content creators segment, beyond the professional users who are Freepik’s historical target. A wide audience that finds more design needs in their day to day, for their social networks, for their work, or even for their leisure, designing an invitation for a birthday party, for example “.

The Freepik Labs team is made up of 21 professionals, with an average age of 28 years, with technological profiles that include full stack developers, SEO profiles, UX designers or frontends, to which are added other profiles more linked to art and communication such as art directors, designers or content planners.

Together they have launched six projects, among which Slidesgo stands out for its success and projection, a platform created in 2019 that offers templates for Google Slides and PowerPoint, which has nearly 5,000 exclusive resources on a variety of topics and receives an average of 7 million visits per month from users around the world.

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But not everything has been success in Freepik Labs, something very aligned with the startup philosophy, in which projects that do not succeed are used to learn. This is the case of Tutpad, a training platform for design professionals, as a community, which was eventually canceled as the company deemed it unprofitable.

Currently, Freepik Labs is already working on the development of new content creation tools that will see the light in 2022 and that will complement existing products.

To start all these projects, the Freepik Labs team starts from the detection of a market need that is not covered. From there, a minimum viable product is launched, very simple, and its performance, user behavior, areas for improvement that it may have and the evolution of the competition are being monitored. All this is monitored through quantitative data that is extracted with analytical tools and that, as always, is contrasted with user-centered research. In this way, the product evolves little by little until it reaches the levels of performance and quality of the rest of the most senior Freepik Company platforms.

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