The markets of Asturias are digitized thanks to a pilot project

Gescomer, Mastercard and Square presented, a few days ago, in Gijón a pilot project that will promote the digitization of Asturian businesses, and that will gradually spread throughout the rest of the country. The project offers more than 500 merchants and street vendors in Gijón, Carreño and Villaviciosa the acceptance of electronic payments and online sales. The project will last six months with the possibility of the term being extended.

The first axis of the pilot is to offer a card acceptance solution. Any merchant who has a mobile terminal can transform it into a point of sale (POS) terminal thanks to Square’s technology and the support of Mastercard. Sellers will not have to pay a monthly fee, but they will only pay per transaction. In addition, Gescomer will create a marketplace so that merchants can offer their products online, and Square, among other benefits, will enable “click & collect” so that the purchase can be picked up at the stall itself.

This project was presented coinciding with the conference “Asturias Market 2.0” inaugurated by the mayoress of Gijón, Ana González Rodríguez, and which was attended by the four driving companies. The project has the collaboration of DICA, Ministry of Industry, Employment and Economic Promotion of the Government of the Principality of Asturias and CTIC.

According to Ignacio González-Posada, director of Business Development of the Merchant area of ​​Mastercard Spain, “Through digitization and, specifically, that of payments, open-air commerce and small businesses can compete on equal terms with large distributors. Open-air markets are the backbone of our territory and are a vector of tourist attraction as well as revitalizing emptied Spain. We are delighted to partner with Gescomer and Square to ensure that the markets of Asturias and, soon, those of the rest of Spain, can prosper and have a positive impact on the country’s economy”.

“With the increase in cashless transactions, for many businesses, it is essential to have tools that allow them to offer payments by card and through mobile devices” says Ana Muñoz, Commercial Director for the EU at Square. “Thanks to this collaboration with Gescomer and Mastercard, Asturian merchants can access new digitization tools to boost their sales and be able to adapt to the needs of their customers wherever they are,” concludes.

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Photo: Asturias in Asturias

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