The mayor of Miami will collect all his salary in bitcoins how he did it

The world of cryptocurrencies continues to attract followers and on this occasion, the mayor of Miami was in charge of supporting the digital currency through an important announcement: he will receive his salary in bitcoins. The move causes astonishment in some political authorities in the United States, but also admiration for the innovation that is taking place with respect to virtual currencies.

Francis Suárez is the name of the mayor of Miami, who was re-elected to office after convincing voters that his campaign proposals. One of them was to guarantee that the paradisiacal city is “the capital of the cryptocurrencies”And as an initial measure, once his triumph was consolidated, he anticipated that from November he will receive his salary in bitcoins.

The salary per year of the highest political authority of Miami exceeds 187 thousand dollars, while taking into account the current exchange rate, Suárez will charge approximately 3 bitcoins. “I want us to be the capital of the cryptocurrencies from the United States or even the world, ”said the mayor in local media, opening up the possibility that virtual currencies are poured into the entire population.

The idealism of the mayor of Miami has led him to want to turn his city into one of the chimeras of the cryptocurrencies and, consequently, it has already taken its first step arguing that progressive laws regarding the diffusion of virtual currencies will apply. In addition, in the coming days, according to local media, Suárez and company could invest a portion of the public treasury in bitcoins, thus being the first American city to transfer part of the budget to the aforementioned cryptocurrency.

Finally, Suárez proposed as a top priority granting the possibility of paying the salary of public officials from Miami in bitcoins. And, as if that were not enough, the residents of that city will also be able to start paying fees, taxes and services in the aforementioned cryptocurrency.

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