The media and marketplaces dominate the 100 most visited websites in Spain

Millions of Spaniards are constantly present on the internet for inform us or to do online shopping. Just a year and a half after the start of the pandemic, we spend less time connected to the internet than during the hard months of confinement, except for members of Generation Z and Millennials, who increase their consumption of the network seven points above from the average up to 76 hours per week (12 hours/day).

Semrush, the SaaS platform expert in online visibility management and content marketing, has prepared an analysis in which it compiles what they have been during 2021 the most visited pages in Spain as well as how much time we spend on them daily. The study reflects that – in addition to the most widely used search engine, Google – are the media websites, marketplaces, digital content platforms and sports information platforms are the ones that generate the most interest.

Google and YouTube, in the lead

Analysis using Semrush’s traffic analysis tool reveals that is the most visited siteaccumulating a traffic of 220 million visits and one average visit duration of 29 minutes. Followed in second place with 112.5 million monthly traffic and almost 18 minutes long in user visits. The third place in the table is occupied by Facebook with almost 112 million visits. The Meta social network has gone from occupying the highest visit time in the table in March 2020, with 28 minutes, to just 9 minutes in January 2022. The top 10 is closed by a media outlet, elpais. es, with 55.6 million visits, although throughout the ranking we can find different media that in 2021 have enjoyed special attention.

Fernando Angulo, director of communication at Semrush highlights: “The traffic data of the most visited sites during 2021 is very consistent with the situation that we have experienced in the last year. We remain very attached to the information to follow the evolution of what is happening in the world in real time, which explains why generalist media with a historical tradition remain among the 10 most visited last year. But not only, the most read sports media in our country in print format continue the same path of growth in the online world, as reflected by the fact that the two main sports newspapers are among the 10 most visited sites in 2021 on a recurring basis ” .

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