The Mercenaries: Stallone announces the working title of the new film

Announced shortly after the release of The Mercenaries 3, the fourth film in the saga that has brought together the most famous action movie actors of the past 30 years is almost ready to enter the filming phase and Stallone has revealed that the working title is “Christmas Story“.

As it turns out, the film will be more of a spinoff than a full-fledged sequel, and will focus primarily on the character of Lee Christmas, played by Jason Statham.

Stallone announces “Christmas Story”, the new film from The Mercenaries

It’s already been seven years since the release of The Mercenaries 3 at the cinema and the fourth chapter, announced in 2015, seems to be finally on the right track.

Sylvester Stallone, screenwriter of the first 3 films as well as the protagonist in the role of Barney Ross, has communicated through the social networks the provisional name of the new chapter of The expendables, titled “Christmas Story”.

From the title it is assumed that the story will center on Barney’s companion in adventure, that Lee Christmas interpreted by Jason Statham ready to destroy whatever comes his way.

With the resumption of production on the film, Stallone and his team are ready to get to work and start shooting next October.

The fourth film was to be directed by DJ Caruso, film director like Disturbia, Eagle Eye And XXX: the return of Xander Cage. At the moment it is not clear whether the director is still involved in the film, while the script still seems to be entrusted to Max Adams.

Millennium Films, along with Nu Image, is producing the film, making available a budget of $ 70 million.

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