The Mexican cartel was hiring people through GTA Online

GTA V It has been with us for many years, and we know that the game can bring out the best and the worst in human beings. A few months ago, we saw how GTA Online was filled with queues of players who participated in a campaign of coronavirus digital vaccination to educate other players. On the other hand, we get a jug of cold water when we find out that the Mexican mafias seem to have been contacting players of this title to use them drug mules in real life.

A side mission of GTA V in real life

What we are going to tell next can seem like a mission of his own Grand Theft Auto, but has been discovered by the Arizona customs authorities. In November 2021, a Jeep Cherokee is stopped trying to enter Arizona. After registering it, the authorities find 60 kilos of methamphetamine, in the purest style breaking bad. During the interrogation to the driver, they discover that was cheated months before by a drug cartela, who contacted her through the online servers of GTA V.

The story began a few months earlier, in January. A player, who says his name is ‘George’, begins to interact with the protagonist of this story in the GTA online multiplayer. After some time playing together, the two they start talking on snapchat. It is there where the aforementioned offers you a jobor very succulent: work as runner transporting electronic products from the United States to Mexico. The assignment seems easy and well paid ($2,000 per trip), but for the return trip, the girl is ordered to refuel only at certain gas stations. And this is where the plot twist occurs. The drug was not camouflaged among electronic products, but had been hidden inside the fuel tank of the Jeep itself.

Watch out for the nights free fire

free fire game

However, the case of this young It is not an isolated case. Apparently the Local Police of Oaxaca, Mexico, discovered last October that three minors they had been recruited by drug mafias through the popular mobile game free fire, one of the battle royale most successful of the moment. The children had been offered $200 a week to do knitting —that is, of sentinels who watch that the area is clear of Police or strange people—. This organism also has indications that the Sinaloa Cartel is also involved in GTA 5 Online recruiting minors. Apparently, all the victims had been contacted in the wee hours of the morning, totally escaping the radar of parents or legal guardians. This would explain why there is not a single complaint about it.

If it seemed that we did not have enough with social networks, now the anonymity that online games provide is also being a attractive to criminals. locating people with few resources and vulnerable, such as minors or young and innocent people, predators take refuge in anonymity, pseudonyms and false confidence so that they risk their lives and their freedom in exchange for work, —sometimes, without knowing it—, for some of the largest criminal organizations in the world.

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