The Mexican data center company KIO Networks will double its capacity by 2025

The specialist company in data centers kio networks has announced that it has plans to double its capacity over the next two years. This, according to Reuters, means that by 2025, and thanks to the Mexican company’s growth plan, and thanks to a significant investment, Kio will generate the same capacity that they have achieved in the past 22 years. This has been confirmed by CEO of the company, Jorge Sapien.

The expansion contemplates the development and opening of data centers in Panama, Guatemala and Colombia. Also in Spainwhere the company broke ground on a new Tier IV data center earlier this year, in the Valencian town of Paterna, in a region that is increasingly attractive for technology companies. When finished, it will be one square kilometer in length.

Kio Networks is going to invest around 50 million euros in the construction of this data center. Its construction was announced in September last year, when it was also confirmed that it will work with geothermal energy.

This data center, which is still unknown when it will be able to come into operation, joins the one that Kio Networks already has in operation in Spain. This is located in Murcia, on the Campus of the University of Murcia in Espinardo. It started operating in 2014, and has 172 square meters of extension in a single data room. Therefore, this second data center of the company in Spain will have a much higher capacity.

Regarding its expansion in Latin America, Sapien has pointed out that until now, the adoption of data centers in the region has been slow, mainly due to the aversion towards outsourcing data storage. But the situation is changing, and the sector is experiencing remarkable growth. Especially in Mexico, thanks to a practice known as nearshoring, which leads a country to outsource some of its services to other nearby ones and which is increasingly common in the United States.

This impulse makes Kio Networks convinced that the number of companies that outsource services to Mexico will increase, which will make it necessary to increase the technological infrastructure in the area, and therefore, among other things, build more centers of data in the country.

Kio Networks, founded in 20002 and specialized in the construction and management of data centers, has been owned by the investment fund I Squared Capital since 2021. It currently has 20 data centers in Mexico, Central America, the Caribbean, Colombia and Spain. Of these 20 centers, there are 13 that are of first level and importance, and whose power in terms of capacity, added, is 26 MW.

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