The Microsoft Surface Book 4, will it be a gaming laptop with NVIDIA RTX?

Microsoft has been attached to the design of its Surface Book since 2015, for better or for worse. In the six years since the first model was released, the series has gained a 15-inch option, a USB-C port, and a subtly different keyboard deck, but most of the changes have been purely internal and the design has remained almost unaltered … until now.

A radical change in the Surface 4: will it be a gaming laptop?

Until now, Microsoft Surface computers have always been work- and design-oriented, with touch screen and a fairly powerful hardware to function well in work environments. However, the source of this news believes that Microsoft may turn things around with the upcoming Surface Book 4, starting with a name change for the machine.

Apparently, Microsoft will launch the device under the embrace of its Surface Laptop family, potentially as Surface Laptop Pro or Surface Laptop Studio. However, the origin of these rumors has not been confirmed, so in principle they still refer to this supposed team as Surface Book 4.

The source adds that the device would have a screen that would not be removable as in previous versions, so we would stop being before a 2-in-1 device to have a simple traditional laptop. They claim that the screen would have a 3: 2 15-inch aspect ratio, a significant design change from the previous three generations of the device. They have also mentioned that the screen will support dynamic refresh rate (DRR), a new feature in Windows 11 that will obviously be supported on this computer.

In addition, the so-called Surface Book 4 would have a dedicated NVIDIA GeForce RTX graphics, which should not surprise us at this point, but which would make the team not only have more power for 3D work but could also be quite suitable for games. In the source they believe that the Surface Book 4 will also support the new Surface Pen with built-in haptic feedback.

When will we get out of doubts?

Microsoft Surface Book 3

As you can imagine by now, there are many doubts that arise regarding the future of the next Microsoft laptop, starting with its price. If Surface devices have always been quite expensive by themselves, imagine what it will cost for one of these devices equipped with a high refresh rate screen and NVIDIA RTX graphics.

In any case, it seems that it will not take long for us to get rid of doubts and that, at least, we have the final specifications of the device. If nothing changes, the stage for the official presentation by Microsoft could take place in October during its usual annual hardware event.

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