The Mobile World Congress will expand its presence in Barcelona until 2030

The Mobile World Congress will be held in Barcelona at least until 2030once the GSMA board of directors has approved the extension of the current contract that ended in 2024.

“We are delighted to announce that the MWC will remain in Barcelona until 2030”explains Mats Granryd, CEO of the GSMA. “Recent global circumstances have created some of the most difficult challenges we have faced with MWC, and the strength of our partnership with the Host City Parties was a critical element in bringing the show back. In fact, Barcelona is so intertwined with the MWC experience that it’s hard for me to think of one and not the other.”.

This is very good news for Barcelona and for Spain for the great economic and media impact of the Mobile World Congress, the largest mobility fair on the planet. The decision of the GSMA council consolidates Barcelona as the Mobile World Capital until 2030, at least, and rules out rumors of its transfer to other European cities such as Paris or Berlin.

«Barcelona is much more than the city where the MWC takes place. We have not only grown the event since we moved to Barcelona, ​​but we have developed it to include a complete ecosystem. The hospitality and the people of the city and the true partnership we experience at all levels means that Barcelona is an intricate part of what the GSMA wants to create through the MWC. A coming together of the community to inspire something bigger than any individual part. This is an exciting time for the mobile ecosystem and the technology sector, and I couldn’t be happier that Barcelona continues to be the capital of that activity.”.

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