The moment is near! iOS 16 beta 6 is now available

The Cupertino company does not stop polishing the new operating system that the vast majority of iPhones will carry as of September, and that is because, a week after launching beta 5 for developers, Apple yesterday also released beta 6, both for the iPhone as to the rest of operating systems. If you want to know what’s new, keep reading.

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The month of August is winding down, which means that the launch of the new iPhones, and with them, of the final version of iOS 16 is getting closer, something that is noted in the news that the Cupertino company has introduced in beta 6 of iOS 16, since they are really scarce. This is something normal and usual, since it is a beta that what it is looking for is to give it the greater stability and the best possible performance for all iPhones, so that on launch day, everything works like a charm and there cannot be an error that hinders the experience that any user can have with this new operating system.

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However, despite the fact that at this point in the development of iOS 16 what Apple is looking for is the greatest possible stability, it has been possible to appreciate a slight change in one of the recent novelties that it brought to beta 5. Until now, the battery percentage had to be at all times, or not, however, with beta 6 you can choose that, when the user activates the battery saving mode, this percentage is not show on the bar. It is a minor change and it is simply something aesthetic but of course, it means that users can have more options when it comes to visualizing the battery they have left on their device.

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Naturally, iOS 16 has not been the only operating system that has a new beta version, since as usual, whenever the Cupertino company releases a new update, it also does so for the rest of the operating systems, it is tell, iPadOS, macOS and watchOS.

In them, the objective pursued by Apple is itself, further improve stability and performance of them so that, on the day of its launch, everything works perfectly and users have the best possible experience.

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In addition, not only beta versions for developers have been published, since new public betas They are also available now. This movement is indeed strange on the part of Apple, since the usual thing is to wait between 1 and 2 days after the launch of the corresponding beta, and then publish the public beta, which we remember that it is nothing more than a beta 6 that is also available to the general public who have registered with Apple to test these operating systems.

Finally, from La Manzana Mordida we want to remind you again that although with the passage of beta versions, the operating system is much more stable and reliable, they are still versions in test and therefore with a great predisposition to the occurrence of undesirable failures that may complicate the use of your device. For this reason, we do not recommend installing these betas on main devices, much less work devices.

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