The moment Joe Biden falls asleep during the UN Climate Change Conference | VIDEO

This Sunday began the United Nations Climate Change Conference 2021 (COP26) in the city of Glasgow, Scotland, where the presidents and representatives of at least 200 nations, as well as important political actors, will try to negotiate and solve the increase in temperature on our planet and the greenhouse effect, problems that represent a serious threat to the Earth.

Russia and China, the two countries that pollute the most in the world, did not send their presidents Xi Jinping and Vladimir Putin, but to officials in charge of the environment in their governments; another absent was the Mexican Executive Andrés Manuel López Obrador, which he sent on his behalf to the Secretary of Foreign Relations, Marcelo Ebrard Casaubón, who this weekend during the G20 Summit, also had the opportunity to meet the French president Emmanuel macron, the German chancellor Angela Merkel and even the president of the United States, Joe biden.

The latter is one of the most interested in COP26, since during his campaign he insisted that climate change would be a priority issue; now as president of what is perhaps the most powerful nation in the world, he has repeatedly pointed out that it is the “biggest threat“for the national security of your country.

However, Zach Purser Brown, one of the journalists covering this event that takes place in Glasgow, Scotland, considered that perhaps the climate crisis was not really that important for Joe Biden, as he posted a video on Twitter where the American president apparently take short naps while the opening speeches of the UN conference on climate change.

Did Joe Biden really fall asleep?

In the Washington Post journalist’s recording, the politician – who is days away from his 79th birthday – is seen paying attention to the speeches this Sunday at the inauguration of COP26. Biden appears with a mask and crossed his arms when suddenly close your eyes and seem to doze for seconds.

The scene is repeated about three times, although the last dream usually lasts a little longer than the previous ones. It’s not until an aide walks up to him that Joe Biden opens his eyes and heeds what the man in a suit says. A few seconds later, the speaker’s speech ends and the President of the United States applauds along with the others.

Evidently the video of Biden dozing went viral during the inauguration of COP26. Many users of social networks justified the politician saying that at his age, it is impossible not to close your eyes at some point, especially if you are listening to a speech, while others said that even being 30, it is inevitable to fall asleep in a situation like this .

Others considered that actually Joe Biden didn’t fall asleep, because at no time did his head stop being straight (that is, never nodded), so possibly only I was resting my eyes. In addition, many recalled that the US president traveled to Europe and there are several hours of difference with respect to his country.


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