The most absurd jokes Cortana will tell you

It is true that at first this assistant has not had the success expected by the Redmond firm, which thought that it would be an essential part of Windows 10. On the contrary, users do not use it too much, although it is also true that it has some functions somewhat interesting or at least curious. In fact, this is what we are going to talk about next. The Windows wizard in its beginnings was designed so that we could make all kinds of queries, carry out searches or even operate the system with our voice.

But as we tell you over the years, Cortana has not finished settling in the market in a massive way. Although its future in the medium / long term is unknown, at the moment there are users who continue to give a utility to the Windows wizard. In fact, it has been developed, as is the case with other similar ones such as the one we find in Android devices, in Siri or in Alexa, with a certain sense of humor.

Precisely in these same lines we are going to show you some of the most absurd jokes that the Windows 10 voice assistant cannot tell. To test ourselves we just have to stand in the wizard itself and say Cortana Tell me a joke. Not that they are especially good but they sure make us smile.

Bad Cortana jokes that will make us smile

First of all, we must take into account whether the jokes are funny or not, of course Cortana makes him want it. We tell you this because the voice assistant is responsible for imitating accents and intonations when telling us them. We can even find some entries in the form of jokes told with the unmistakable style of Chiquito de la Calzada.

  • This is a man who comes to the cinema and asks another who is seated: “Excuse me, are you busy?” and the other says: “No.” “Then bring me some popcorn.”
  • At a dance, a boy approaches a girl: “Do you dance?” The girl responds excitedly: “Yes!” “Great, I’ll take your chair.”
  • Ring… “Listen to me, uh… Is this the Laos embassy? “Yes, listen to me, can you send me a vanilla ice cream?”
  • “Doctor, doctor, the invisible man is out.” “Too bad, tell him I can’t see him today.”
  • Jaimito approaches his mother: “Mom, Mom, I need to give money to a man who is screaming in the street!” “And what is that man yelling?” “Ice creams! Ice creams!”
  • “Doctor, doctor, I think too much of the future.” “And since when has this happened to him?” “Since next Thursday.”
  • A lifeguard says to a bather: “Hey, aren’t you swimming?” And the bather replied: «No. It’s that I didn’t bring a suit. “
  • The teacher to Jaimito: “Jaimito, I hope I don’t see you cheating on the exam.” To which Jaimito replies: “I hope so too, miss.”
  • He was such a jinx, so jinx, guy that he sat on a haystack and stuck the needle in.
  • At the doctor’s office: »What is the child’s name?» “Peter O’Brian” “Make up your mind, please.”
  • Knock, knock “Who is it?” ”Talanda” ”What Talanda?” “Good and you?”

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