The most anticipated feature of iPadOS 16 will not be available to everyone

One of the biggest attractions of the developer conference that was held last Monday was to learn about the true plans of the Cupertino company with the operating system dedicated to the iPad, iPadOS 16. There are many functions that today are missing from this operating system in order to get the full potential of these devices. Fortunately, one of the most claimed was presented by Apple, but it will not be available for all iPad models.

There is no doubt that the iPad is a device that offers users incredible capabilities, in fact, we could consider it as the most versatile equipment that Apple has in its entire catalog. However, until now it has always been very limited by the options provided by its operating system. This with iPadOS 16 seems to change, especially for a specific function that many users have requested for years, and it is the possibility of connecting the iPad to a monitor and use it as a stand-alone screenand not that it is a simple duplication of the iPad screen.

screen ipad pro 2021

With this feature, users who actually use the iPad for professional tasks will be able to work much better and more comfortably, also making use of the new sales layout and multitasking apps that comes with this new version. Until now, there were few applications that allowed you to use a monitor as a second screen, which meant that it did not make much sense to use an external monitor next to the iPad, since it only allowed you to see what you had on a larger screen. your device.

Support for this feature is severely limited

However, not all of it is good news, since unfortunately not all users who use an iPad on a daily basis will have the opportunity to benefit from this highly acclaimed feature. Only those who are lucky enough to have an iPad that mounts Apple’s M1 chip will be able to use a monitor to use as a second screen, or independent screen, whatever you want to call it. Therefore, the list of iPads that support this feature is as follows.

  • iPad Air (5th generation).
  • iPad Pro 11-inch (5th generation).
  • iPad Pro 12.9-inch (5th generation).

iPad Air + Apple Pencil

This decision of course has raised a lot of controversy, since, for example, the iPad mini that was presented very recently, will not be able to count on this functionality either. However, it was Apple itself, through René Ritchie, who wanted to share the reasons for this decision, and it seems that in order to provide that perfect experience that the Cupertino company is always looking for, it is necessary that compatible iPads have a large internal memory, storage that is extremely fast and flexible external screen I/O, since that otherwise, the team would not be able to move up to 8 applications simultaneously and offer immediacy when interacting with the screen of the iPad and the monitor. Therefore, all users who wanted to be able to use their iPad with an external screen will have to consider the jump to one of the models with the M1 chip if they really want to enjoy this experience that will be available with iPadOS 16.

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