The most curious devices you can control with Alexa

Programmable, with camera (night vision included), capacity of 4 liters and tell Alexa to put food in so you don’t have to get up. A marvel.

Alexa-controlled baby humidifier

If instead of a pet, you have children, it is not very good to use the feeder (although I do not know why), but you can always turn to this humidifier for babies.

In this way, you can control the environment and ensure a deep and healthy restNo throat irritation from dryness or airborne dust. Furthermore, it is silent, so it will not alter the baby’s sleep.

Smart lock compatible with Alexa

If you want an extra smart security with Alexa, in addition to comfort, this smart lock that we bring you is perfect. Yes indeed, note that the voice control that allows you to use Alexa is sold separately.

4 opening modes: fingerprint, key, keyboard and mobile application, make sure you can feel safe. Also, you don’t need a drill as it can replace your current lock.

Smart irrigation control

If you always load up all your plants, you might want to take a look at a smart watering system.

East from Netro brand lets you connect it to Alexa and blame it, from now on, of your ineptitude to care for another living being.

Smart oven controlled by Alexa

We go from the garden to the kitchen, to try to transcend the fact that we only know how to fry an egg and, on top of that, we do it wrong.

Know that, with this Alexa compatible oven, you can set the kitchen on fire between the two of you and the chicken continues to come out too dry or too undercooked. Or the special one, burned on the outside and raw on the inside.

Echo Auto, put Alexa in your car

One of the lesser-known devices in Amazon’s smart lineup is its Echo Auto. With the, you can put Alexa in your car, if you miss her when leaving home.

With eight microphones (which you can switch off with a button when you want privacy), you can control your music and, in combination with the app Alexa mobile, have your smart speaker by your side when you go on a trip.

As you can see, we are obsessed with putting chips to everything and then the news comes that they are missing. However, it must be recognized that some of these curious devices that work with Alexa, they can be really useful.

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