The most difficult LEGO constructions, do you dare with them?

LEGO sets that will put you to the test

If you have assembled a LEGO set you will know that these are usually relatively easy to assemble. In the first place, because all its pieces usually arrive in several independent bags so that you do not go crazy with hundreds of pieces on the table; and secondly, because it is easier to face the construction as blocks that are then joined together until the final model is achieved.

However, although many of these sets are feasible for the vast majority, there are some that by the number of parts or final form require an extra patience and concentration if you want to finish. Because a piece that you place by mistake instead of another can end up making you have to start from scratch or go back to see where you have gone wrong.

Statue of Liberty

We start with one of the best-known symbols on the planet, the Statue of Liberty. This has been seen in many movies, music videos, etc., and LEGO created its own version based on its small building blocks.

Eiffel Tower

One of the symbols of Paris and France, the Eiffel Tower also has its LEGO version. It is not the only monument, but it is one of the most complex to assemble due to the total number of pieces it requires. In total, 3,428 are those that will allow you to have this emblematic monument.

Of course, it is still easier to assemble it than to get one of the sets.

Tower bridge

If the Eiffel Tower is the hallmark of Paris, London has the Tower Bridge and this, in turn, its own version based on LEGO building blocks. For any lover of the capital of the United Kingdom it will be a great gift.

Sydney opera house

Another icon of architecture is the Sydney Opera House, a building that is also already a sign of impropriety for Australia. Well, with almost 3,000 pieces it is also a major challenge to finish off this striking building. Of course, it will be worth it because then it will look great wherever you put it.

Taj Mahal

Possibly the largest LEGO set ever created or very close to being one, this replica of the Taj Majal consists of 5,992 pieces that shape an incredible building, the great jewel of India.

The Death Star

We leave behind the iconic statues, monuments and buildings to move on to another type of construction that is also iconic, even if they are for a very distant galaxy: The Death Star of Star wars. With little more than 4,000 pieces it can be complex, but you will not deny that it is impressive.

The Millennium Falcon

With just over 7,500 pieces you can build your LEGO replica of the legendary Star Wars Millennium Falcon. A replica that, like the Death Star or AT-ATs, will appeal to all Star Wars fans.

Marvel’s SHIELD ship

As a Marvel fan, the SHIELD ship seen in movies like The Avengers is one of those constructions that we like to make, see and have.

Roman Coliseum

If you go to Rome, you have to go through the Roman Colosseum yes or yes. There is no excuse for not visiting it. You can decide not to enter, although it is also advisable to do so, but at the very least you should enjoy its majesty from the outside. Of course, if you don’t travel to Rome, then nothing better than to enjoy it with this LEGO SET.

Hogwarts Castle

If you liked Diagon Alley, as much as it may seem complicated to assemble because of its almost 5,600 pieces, we believe that Hogwarts Castle is something more because of the large number of pieces that are repeated to shape the facade and roofs of the towers.

Other LEGO sets for master builders

These are, as we said, some of the most difficult LEGO sets to build, although they are not the only ones. In general any set LEGO Technics they are quite a test even for master builders. We could already test it ourselves when we assembled the Land Rover Defender. So whatever model you go you will have to be patient, because these include even the turning mechanism, the wheels, etc.

In addition to these there are also LEGO-based replicas of football states such as Camp Nou, Old Trafford, etc. All this without counting many ships from Star Wars, Harry Potter, Marvel and a long etcetera. Of course, when you finish them the result will be spectacular and unique. A way to leave your friends with their mouths open when they get home and see them.

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