The most expensive Philips Hue are now 3 × 2 for Black Friday

You may never find that special model that you have been looking for for a long time among many of the bulb offers. One of these more special versions is the GU10 bulb, the small easy-to-install spotlight that allows you to configure more intimate points of light. The problem? Which are not especially cheap.

Philips Hue GU10 on sale

The GU10 spotlights allow to obtain very pleasant environments thanks to the type of projection they offer, so they are usually bulbs widely used in elegant decorations and in specific points of light. As expected, Philips also has these types of smart bulbs in its catalog, so if it took time to get your hands on these bulbs, today you have an opportunity that perhaps you should not reject.

The offer in question proposes a pack of three bulbs for only 109.99 euros, which represents a 31% discount on the official price of the product. This translates into an interesting 3 × 2 promotion, since you can get 3 bulbs for the usual price of two of them.

Full color

philips hue color

The model in question is RGB, which allows us to enjoy a combination of colors to our liking, being able to create colorful environments with total freedom with the help of the official Philips Hue application. In addition, you can control up to a total of 10 bulbs using only the Bluetooth connection of your phone, being able to reach 50 bulbs if we use a Hue Bridge.

More offers 3 × 2

The manufacturer has taken advantage of the week of Black Friday to apply a good discount to many of its products, so we can also find the 3 × 2 promotion in many other models of the brand. We can find, for example, the classic E27 threaded bulbs in both their soft white light and color variants, as well as candle-type models, motion sensors and all kinds of brand accessories.

It is without a doubt a magnificent opportunity to continue expanding your collection of smart bulbs with which you can have all the lighting in your home controlled. Philips options are not usually the cheapest, but its operation and integration with different systems make it the best option on the market. For this reason, we believe that these types of offers are very interesting, so perhaps today you will add some other product to the basket.

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