The most famous AI can now be used by anyone: tips to get started

Dall-E 2 It is done available to everyone. For a few months, OpenAI’s imaging artificial intelligence has been closed to the public, and has only been accessible by invitation. We do not know if OpenAI had plans to open its service so soon or if they have done it at a forced march due to the great success that Stable Diffusion, its free alternative, is having. In any case, here are a few tips to get the most out of this great tool:

Go calmly so as not to melt the credits

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Dall-E it’s not free. Each time you click the ‘Generate’ button, it will cost you one credit. OpenAI gives you some 50 credits for you to start using their artificial intelligence, but if you’re not careful, they’ll last less than half an hour.

Luckily, Dall-E provides us with about 50 credits each month, so once these are used up, we’ll have to checkout to continue creating images. they will ask us $15 for every 115 credits.

Use a translator

As usually happens in all these artificial intelligences, you have to use a prompt in English for the best possible results. If you don’t have a very high level of English, it’s a good idea to use a translator like Google or DeepL. This way you will make sure you are using the correct words and you will not spend credits in vain.

Great artists steal

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You can try to make your own prompts or make sure you get the shot by copying the way of creating commands from other users. Visit forums like Reddit to learn what words are used in Dall-E 2 to get the effect you’re looking for in your images.

Be aware of limitations

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When it was introduced, Dall-E 2 seemed like real witchcraft to us. A few months have passed, and the advancement of artificial intelligence in this field has been so fast that Dall-E 2 has remained somewhat behind its competitors.

Dall-E 2 does not allow you to select the Format. It will always be square. You can generate more parts of the image with the ‘Outpainting’, but you will not be able to generate a panoramic image or a vertical portrait first.

The same goes for modifiers. On Dall-E, they don’t even exist. You won’t be able to tell the machine which words are most important or how much detail you’re looking for in your creation. In this aspect, Midjourney does a thousand times better. And Stable Diffusion, although its variables are very confusing, also allow you to adjust certain aspects of the final image.

Be careful what you use as prompt

As in the rest of the AIs, Dall-E puts certain limitations to what you can create. The limits of Dall-E have been changing during these last months. For example, previously you couldn’t work with ultra-realistic faces and celebrities. However, that limit has been changing in recent weeks.

On the other hand, there are limits that will never change. Do not try to generate nudity or anything like that, because they will simply ban you. The internet is full of testimonials from users who waited months to get their invite and were kicked out in minutes. Also, since you have to link a phone number to each account, it is not so easy to create a second profile on the OpenAI website.

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