The most powerful characters in Dragon Ball

Hit the Infallible, also known as the Legendary Assassin he’s the ace of Team Universe 6. He’s not nearly as powerful as the other characters on this list, but he’s absurdly confident. He doesn’t even pay attention to other tournament fights, having full confidence in his powers. hit is able to kill with one blow, something he technically can’t use in that tournament. He is also an ace of the time jump, which gets even Jiren in trouble.


He is the leader of the Pride Troops, that is, the warriors of justice from Universe 11. He is a very powerful individual thanks to his skill and intellect. He was one of the first participants in the Tournament of Strength, and also one of the first to be a candidate for God of destruction. Toppo possesses a divine aura, a type of ki with which he can experience an increase in power. His body is surrounded by energy of destruction, and he is so agile and knows so many techniques that he can take on Super Saiyan Son Goku without using all of his strength. However, in that fight, Goku ends up surprising him, transforming into Super Saiyan Blue. Toppo responds by significantly increasing his power, but the combat ends up being interrupted, so we never really know the limits of this character.



Everyone is a fan of Vegeta. He has some really extraordinary powers, but he is condemned to be the eternal second. His fighting ability is unusual, but he is always behind goku. Still, this character has gone evolving over the years, increasing his abilities as the manga introduced more and more powerful characters. your super form SaiyanBlue it is proof of this, since it is capable of splitting energy.



The can Broly’s is unlimited, so we will never know its real limits. In Dragon Ball Super: Broly, the character does not stop evolving, becoming a really powerful warrior. The Saiyan fights and absorbs energy automatically, without knowing himself. Still, Goku and Vegeta were able to stop him, but were forced to fuse together to do so. Still, Broly loses. Not because of his powers, but because of his inexperience in fighting. Had he controlled his powers, he would probably have swept away Gogeta.


jiren dragon ball

formed in the Universe 11Jiren did his best to prove that he was the most powerful character in all the Dragon Ball universes.

Jiren is a little talkative character and very introverted. This is due to their past experiences. His parents were murdered, and he was trained by gitchen. He trained hard, forged various alliances, and overestimated his strength. When the malefactor returned, his master and several of his allies were killed in combat. None wanted to accompany Jiren to avenge his death, making this character stop trusting others.

For that reason, Jiren shows up for the Tournament of Power. His goal is to obtain the prize, the Super Dragon Balls, so that resurrect his master. He only considered Son Goku a worthy opponent for him.



Goku is the mightiest mortal of all Although his power was not very far from Broly’s or Jiren’s, this changes radically when he manages to perfectly master the ultra instinct, making your body not reject the power. From there, the capabilities of our protagonist evolve by leaps and bounds, placing himself in a more than generous position in this top.

Gods of Destruction

gods destruction dragon ball

We do not know these characters in depth, but the ones with names, that is, the ones we have been able to meet, are really powerful. Is it so below angels and everything we know about these beings we owe to them. His powers have no barriers. Are powerfulcontrol the Magic and they are also extremely smart.

A proof of this would be Lord Beeruswho manages to balance the population of Universe 7 by destroying what he considered ‘useless planets’.

The Angels

dragon ball angels

They instruct the Gods of Destruction and also protect them. However, not all of them have the same power, nor do we know their abilities separately. What we do know is that they use ultra instinct effortlesslyproves more than enough of the capabilities that these characters from the Dragon Ball multiverse have.

The High Priest

dragon ball priest

This character was introduced in episode 55 of Dragon Ball Super. He is in charge of receiving visits on the planet of King of Everything. His sons are Vados and Whis. The High Priest possesses great abilities given both by his ancestors and by God. For a long time he was right hand of the Omni-King, a character who trusted him for absolutely everything. According to some fan theories, The High Priest would not only be the father of the angels, but also the only character capable of killing them, since in the episode itself where the Daishinkan is presented it is revealed that the angels can die, just the opposite. as it was believed until then.

Zeno The King of All (Omni-King)


Zeno is one of the most mysterious characters in all of Dragon Ball, and also the mightiest of all the ones we have seen. It is not known where it came from or how it became what it is. The only thing that is known about him is the information provided by the High Priest. This character’s Japanese name means ‘Almighty’ and he was able to survive the destruction of a universe without taking damage. However, this character is not linked to creation, but rather the opposite. He destroyed six universes in one tantrum, and, although he has a childish demeanor, the Gods of Destruction and Supreme Kai treat him with great fear and respect. Quite the opposite of what Goku does, who treats him like a baby, shakes him and gives him nicknames, putting the universe in danger without realizing it.

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