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But don’t be fooled, because the Galaxy S23 series are more durable than ever thanks to the use of premium materials, such as Aluminum Armor on the chassis or Gorilla Glass Victus 2 to protect the screen, its resistance to dust and water, or the commitment of the brand to provide at least 4 years of updates and 5 years of security patches. With the Samsung Galaxy S23 series you will never be stranded.

But even if it is a durable and sustainable smartphone, of course Samsung has not left its iconic design to chance, which fits easily and comfortably in your hand. All models integrate floating lenses on the back that enhance their aesthetics, which, together with the cutting-edge materials used for their manufacture, make this device a work of art in your hand.

Nightography, the best photos even in the dark

When you have a high-end smartphone, you want it to always work right the first time no matter where you are or what time it is, right? Well, don’t worry, Samsung has your back with the incorporation of technology Nightography on the Galaxy S23 series, even on the front camera!

Samsung Nightography

thanks to the camera selfies Next-generation, with 12 MP resolution and assisted by a dedicated AI, all elements of the scenes you capture are processed individually to better define all textures, displaying much more realistic colors even in low light conditions. Also, with the mode night portrait Making use of Dual Pixel technology, the front camera offers more accurate autofocus even in low ambient light; is able to detect the depth of the image with total accuracy, which allows a more realistic approach for your selfies… in short, you will always look better!

Of course, this technology does not focus solely on the front camera (what has been said so far also applies to the main camera), and is complemented by Night Video, which thanks to its new image processor eliminates noise and is capable of detecting the depth of the image effectively, making videos more defined when you are almost in the dark. As if this were not enough, it integrates a digital image stabilizer to reduce vibrations and make your videos always look perfect.

In more technical details, we must emphasize that the main camera has a 200 MPx sensor to capture an incredible level of detail, even in movies. When the light is low, it is capable of combining the pixels to take 50 / 12 MPx images with more light, obtaining brighter photos. Also, thanks your sensor Super HDR with 50 MPx more colorful images with higher contrasts can be captured.

Finally, it should be noted that the news regarding the cameras of the Galaxy S23 series are not limited only to improving the image in low light conditions; The PRO mode is also incorporated, which allows you to adjust all the parameters by hand while maintaining an incredible resolution of 50 MP, you will become a photography professional! Oh, and let’s not forget the mode astrophotowhich allows you to capture the night sky with a level of detail and definition never seen in a mobile terminal.

The most powerful Galaxy for the best gaming performance

If you are one of those who wants to fully enjoy the games on your mobile, the Samsung Galaxy S23 series will become your favorite choice. With its powerful processor Snapdragon 8 Gen.2 With 33% more powerful and 45% faster graphics than the previous generation, you’ll be able to unleash maximum performance in all the games you want. In addition, thanks to its refrigeration system with a vapor chamber, you will never have to worry about the temperature.

Galaxy S23 games

But why do you want powerful hardware if you don’t complement it with a screen to match? Don’t worry, because Samsung has thought of everything: with its screen Dynamic AMOLED 2X 120Hz You will be able to enjoy your games in their maximum splendor, with smooth and precise movements and the best tactile response.

The technology Vision Booster built-in is capable of analyzing the ambient light around you to adjust the brightness so that the screen looks simply perfect, with brilliant colors and defined images. In addition, thanks to its maximum brightness of up to 1,750 nits, you will be able to see the screen perfectly even in direct sunlight. As if this were not enough, technology eye comfort It’s been improved to be easier on your eyes, not only by reducing harmful blue light, but also by improving the contrast of text to make it easier to read.

On the other hand, you won’t have to worry about games draining your battery: these smartphones incorporate an AI power management system that optimizes battery life and performance by analyzing your gaming patterns, you’ll never waste an iota of battery! ! We are facing the Galaxy S with greater autonomy, with a 3,900 / 4,700 / 5,000 mAh battery (depending on the model) that offers up to a 22% more autonomy than the previous generation.

Finally, if you are one of those who have many games installed or are always uploading your videos to TikTok or Instagram and you like being able to save and edit them on your smartphone, don’t worry because Samsung has also thought about it and this new generation of Galaxy S offers larger storage capacities, you’ll never have to give up anything!

Price and availability

You can already buy from today the new Samsung Galaxy S23 series in the following variants:

  • Galaxy S23 Ultra from €1,409 with capacities of 256, 512 and 1024 GB (in addition, now the 512 GB model is at the price of the 256 GB model and they give you a case with exclusive colors).
  • Galaxy S23+ from €1,209 with capacities of 256 and 512 GB (the 512 GB model is on sale at the price of the 256 GB model).
  • Galaxy S23 from €959 with capacities of 128 and 256 GB (the 256 GB model is on sale at the price of the 128 GB model).

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