The most surprising endings in the history of cinema

Are we talking about twists or spoilers?

In recent years that last minute script twist concept has turned into a spoiler. You know, that secret of the plot that can only be shared with friends or family who have seen the same movie as us, to prevent those who have yet to enjoy it from entering theaters, or streaming platforms, with the mystery solved. And do not think that there are few stories that have lit up the history of cinema that have not resisted changing the ending that we all thought for another that seemed feasible, but not possible.

There are many cases, although we have brought you some very obvious examples and the difference between these that we have decided to gut here, live, with others that are much smaller, is the strength of their arguments. Although they may seem contrived in some cases, and exaggerated in others, in all these films there is a spectacular script work, which throughout the footage has been leaving us little breadcrumbs that allowed us to anticipate the moment of the great revelation. Or perhaps in the words of Obi Wan in Dagobah does not smell that there is something familiar in the Galaxy with the Skywalker Saga? Or in that Tim Robbins Life Chain, didn’t you suspect that he was slowly macerating his sweet revenge?

If you have not seen all the movies that we leave you here below, of course we do not recommend reading some of the descriptions, or you will be the subject of some of the most brutal SPOILERS in the history of cinema.

Laura (1944)

One of Otto Preminger’s masterpieces based on the novel of the same name by Vera Caspary, tells us the revealing story of Laura Hunt and his strange murder. A detective’s investigation of all those who were close to her will be the key to finding out what has happened. And the final twist is so surprising that you may have already guessed it ahead of time. Or not?

The Empire Strikes Back (1981)

Here we are not going to save the spoiler because It is now part of popular culture. That “I am your father” from Darth Vader to Luke Skywalker is one of the peak moments in the entire history of cinema. With a lot of difference, it marked a path that until that moment had not been traveled too much, such as that of the great movie sagas.

Total Challenge (1990)

Philip K. Dick’s novel, adapted by Paul Verhoeven at the gates of the 90s of the last century, is a clear example of those plot twists that are so pleasant to suffer. In this case, the dilemma of whether Carl Hauser is living a dream will be revealed at the end. Or not? Without a doubt, the scenes in Memory Call are a preview of what will happen throughout the film.

Life Chain (1994)

The story of Andy Dufresne and his two life sentences went a long way. so much that is considered one of the best movies of all time, as well as the path he has traveled throughout the years in prison. Both the details about what happened with the murder of his wife, as well as the surprising ending, will leave you with a face of absolute satisfaction.

Usual Suspects (1995)

One of the best films of that decade takes us to the character of Verbal Kint, played by Kevin Spacey. The film tells us the story of a criminal who confesses to the police everything he wants to hear about Keyser Söze, a criminal who carried out a million-dollar robbery in which many people died. His statement will convince the detectives that his role was not important, taking the sights of the investigation in another direction. In the end, we will find out that it was all staged and that Kint himself is actually Keyser Söze.

The Two Faces of Truth (1996)

The film starring Richard Gere and Edward Norton is one of the classics with final spoilers. The relationship between Aaron Stampler (accused of murder) and his defense attorney Martin Vail is one of the most classic with twists that lead us to think otherwise in just a few minutes. The final performance after the sentence in the trial (which you can see just below in the video) is the key moment in which we realize that thethe writers have deceived us and played with us throughout the footage: there was no split personality!

The Sixth Sense (1999)

It has remained, without a doubt, as the paradigm of spoilers when we understand that the main character of Bruce Willis is dead since the beginning of the film. And the best of all is that the director of the tape, M. Night Shyamalan, left us clues very clear that this was exactly what was happening. A server suffered in the first person the evil that a good spoiler produces, since someone next to him, in the movie theater, blew up the ending just after 15 minutes of the movie. Oh!

Memento (2000)

Directed by Christopher Nolan and co-written with his brother Jonathan, this authentic wonder tells the story of a character who cannot remember events recently occurred, which leads him to start the search for his wife’s murderer based on clues and messages that are tattooed on his body. As the movie unfolds, we’ll see that all the guesswork we’re seeing points in one direction. Leonard.

A Beautiful Mind (2001)

Ron Howard’s film based on the life of mathematician John Forbes Nash, and starring Russel Crowe, tells us an exciting story where conspiracies intermingle in the middle of the Cold War and relationships with other characters that we will later meet that belong only to the mind of the mathematician. The schizophrenia he suffered from throughout her life, and how he coped with it, help to understand how the film resolves some of his most memorable moments.

The Others (2001)

One of Alejandro Amenábar’s top films came with this tape that catapulted him to world stardom. In it, a somewhat strange family, who lives without electricity in a secluded mansion, begins to suffer from a series of strange phenomena that frighten their children. As the minutes go by we will learn that it is they who are dead and wandering through the rooms of the house and that a seer has come to expel them.

The Forest (2004)

Apparently the villagers are stuck in time, centuries ago, and lead peaceful lives away from the dangers of the forest. There, some strange creatures prevent anyone from leaving alive, so anyone who tries to cross the thicket never returns. The problem is that soon we will discover that there is something strangeso much so that in reality everyone is living in the present and those monsters are actually old villagers who want to keep up the charade forever.

Buried (2010)

Alfred Hitchcock has already devised an account of his amazing stories about a buried man, who ends up locked up with the person who was supposed to get him out the next day. In this case, Ryan Reynolds takes us into a story in which contact through your mobile with other people to get him out of there. One of them promises him that he will go looking for him as fast as he can, although as the story unfolds we will end up understanding that he was the one who orchestrated everything.

Shutter Island (2010)

Martin Scorsese’s wonderful film is one of those that you have to return to from time to time, to enjoy the journey that Leonardo DiCaprio’s character makes: apparently a US Marshall, named Edward “Teddy” Daniels , who tries to find out what happened to resident Rachel Solando. In the end, we will understand that everything that happened is a plan of the center itselfor to try to save one of his patients, an Edward Daniels who is locked up on the island because of his madness.

Fight Club (1999)

An anonymous someone (Edward Norton) tells us through a voiceover throughout the film his way from a monotonous existence to that of a fight club run by Tyler Durden, played by Brad Pitt. After many minutes of footage, the viewer will discover that that Durden character does not exist and that, perhaps, everything is an invention of that narrator telling us the story of a alter ego imaginary.

Interstellar (2014)

We arrived at one of the best movies of the last decade. Christopher Nolan brings us science fiction with foundation academic to deal with a topic such as time travel, string theory and multiverses. In it, everything is possible, so much so that after traveling to space to find an alternative to Earth, viewers will discover that it is he himself who had traveled to the past to offer the solution to the planet’s problems and inspire his daughter.

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