The most used emoji in 2021, not even the pandemic has made us stop smiling

There is no doubt that the last two years have not been particularly good for the vast majority, with a pandemic that is still being fought around the world. However, if there is something that characterizes us, it is that we are able to move forward and always see the good side of things, something that we have undoubtedly reflected in the most used emoji during this 2021.

And it is that from Unicode they have shared the 10 most used emoji during this year, where we can see a clear trend: joy. In fact, it never ceases to surprise us that despite the great addition of new icons, their use seems to have barely changed during the last two years (or at least since the last publication of this list in 2019).

So that, the tears of joy (😂) was once again the clear winner, accumulating a total of 5% of the total emoji used worldwide. Something that does not stop highlighting given that, according to the popularity of the website itself, it is an icon very little adopted by Generation Z. However, this year the second place has managed to stay notably closer to the top this year , with the strong comeback of the Heart emoji (❤️). Although without a doubt we can continue to find some of the remaining emojis among our last used icons:

  • 🤣 – Uncontrolled laughter
  • 👍 – Thumb up
  • 😭 – I cry heartbroken
  • 🙏 – Hands folded (also known as prayer or prayer)
  • 😘 – Kiss
  • 🥰 – Face in love with hearts
  • 😍 – Loving face with heart eyes
  • 😊 – Smiley face with smiling eyes

And it seems that despite having a list of more than 3,600 emojis, with numerous demands for the arrival of new icons, 82% of global use is concentrated in just 100 of these. Smiley faces and hand-based emoji are generally very popular, as are those related to the theme of love and hearts.

On the other hand, although it has not managed to get the smiles from our faces, without a doubt these almost two years of pandemic have taken their toll on our way of expressing ourselves, with a notable increase in the use of emoji related to health such as fever (🥵) or dizziness (🥴) that reached the top 100 this year; or the emoji of the microbe (🦠) that managed to go from the least used to enter the top 500 directly.

Finally, despite the great dissatisfaction of Sheldon Cooper, the low popularity of flags stands out once again, being the category less used even during large events such as the Tokyo Olympics.

And you, What are your 10 most used emojis?

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