The most watched video in YouTube history achieves another record

Definitely, there is no one to stop it or someone to take it out of their head. The most watched video on YouTube once again surpasses another incredible record and they go … If you want to know what it is (we would not be surprised if you guess it easily) and what it has achieved this time, we will tell you all the details, because we do not believe that something like this is repeated in the history of the Internet.

The times when the Gagnam style it drilled us and it was the most watched video in history. Now it is not even among the top 10 with its more than 4,000 million views, and it is that there is an undisputed king that, once again, has broken another record astronomical.

Baby Shark, over 10 billion views and counting

It could not be another, it is the hardest song to get out of your head once it makes its hole like the mind parasite that it is. The song of Baby shark, and the damn dance that accompanies it, a nefarious June 18, 2016 was published and since then it has done nothing but skyrocket and bust all the records viewing.

Recently, he has reached another milestone in his goal of driving us all crazy and has exceeded 10,000 million views.

10,000 million, that on the planet there are still not even 8,000 million people, to give you an idea of โ€‹โ€‹the magnitude.

It is clear that most of the visualizations are motivated by parents who do not know how to entertain their demons, so they hypnotize them in a loop with the horrible dance and the horrible song. And incidentally, they annoy many of those who travel on the same train or try to have a quiet drink at the next table.

But whatever it is, It doesn’t look like I’m going to brake and it is called to surpass all the possible marks.

The following most viewed videos on Youtube do not cough

The song Baby shark dethroned in his day to another that more or less deserves the same adjectives, that Slowly by Luis Fonsi that crushed our ears in the distant 2017.

And we thought that was the worst thing that could happen to the world, how innocent we were then.

With about 7,700 million views, it is that Slowly nor does he cough Baby shark.

The next place on the podium is not that it gives much hope for humanity either, with the Johny Johny Yes Papa of the LooLoo Kids and their rickety 6 billion-odd views. Is that at this rate, Baby shark it won’t take long to double the bronze medal, with figures that explode the head.

The spawn of nursery rhyme was created by Pinkfong, a Korean children’s entertainment company and, probably, also the cover of some supervillain.

I have no doubt that the ultimate goal is that one day we all go out with a rifle and pull the trigger with the song playing in the background.

Until that long-awaited day arrives, Baby shark it goes on, and on, and on …

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