The Mountains of Madness: Guillermo del Toro talks about the film that… will arrive on Netflix?

Years ago, Guillermo del Toro attempted to make a film adaptation of the novel To the Mountains of Madness (also translated into The Mountains of Madness) from Lovecraft HP with Universal Pictures. Unfortunately, the studio at the time did not give the director a green light who, now, seems to be trusting in the interest of Netflix to carry out his coveted and much desired project.

One of the main reasons Universal didn’t get the project started is that they weren’t really interested in funding a R-rated film on such a large budget. The risk of losses at the cinema box office was too high.

On the subject of the Bull he has spent numerous interviews, also blaming the film Prometheus by Ridley Scott which, with numerous similarities to the project de The Mountains of Madness, however, did not achieve the success hoped for at the box office.

Today, however, as we know, things are very different. The video streaming platforms are now the masters and Netflix, above all, is the place where Del Toro would like to shoot his film (and the Californian company seems to be interested).

Will Guillermo del Toro make the Mountains of Madness movie with Netflix?

On the occasion of a recent interview with The Kingcast, the director returned to talk about the adaptation he would like to make of the Lovecraft novel:

“The problem with Mountains of Madness is that the script I co-wrote fifteen years ago is not the script I would do now, so I need to rewrite it. Not just to downsize it in some way, but because at the time I was trying to bridge its reach with elements that would make it go through the mechanisms of the studio. “

The director went on to explain that if he could have made the film with Netflix at the time, he could have “To go to a much more esoteric, stranger, smaller version”.

“You know, I might go back to some of the scenes that were left out. Some of the great sets I’ve designed, for example. I’ve already thought about this or that gigantic set. I feel like I’m going in a stranger direction. “

Tom Cruise was originally slated to star in the project with Universal, but del Toro would not have involved him today. Right now he seems to be trying to cast mostly unknown faces:

“You know, I think the age has changed now. Tom is fifteen years older. I think… it would be a different cast. If I can, I would choose mostly strangers. “

Speaking instead of the ending conceived in the script, this is where del Toro explained what is happening and dropped the bomb:

“I know that the ending we have is in my opinion one of the most intriguing, weird and disturbing endings. There are about four horror scenes that I love in the original script. So, you know, that would be my hope. I get contacted by phone every six months by Don Murphy who says to me, ‘Are we doing this or what? Will you do it later or what? ‘ and I say ‘I have to take the time to rewrite it.’ “

It therefore appears that Netflix actually wants to produce this film, and is contacting del Toro asking him when they will finally be able to put it in the pipeline.

Do it, before anyone goes crazy.

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